Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bob Peters And The Art Of Lying

He's still mad I brought up Bullying and brought back all of those bad old memories. Really I know many of you would rather I drop it but since he continues to lie I have to answer his charges. is Bob a liar? Well I suppose it's possible he has Alzheimer's. This is his latest post on Newshounds and I will dissect the lies one by one.
No, actually he left the chickenshit comment in. What he deleted was the comment where I reminded the Count that the "schooled me" (his words) by implying my 14 year old daughter was on the way to becoming a cracked out whore,

Never said his daughter was a cracked out whore or implied she was on her way to becoming one. What I said was Bob should be a parent BEFORE she becomes one. For the record I believe this daughter is another of Bob's lies. I never deleted any of Bob's comments until the his 5th post calling me a chickenshit. Hell I want them up there to show just how imbalanced the guy is.

disparaged my wife,

Never said a word about his wife. Much like the cracked out whore comment was a comment on Bob this disparaging remark about his wife was a comment about Bob being a liar which he we have established is a definite pattern with Bob.

and called my folks "piece of shit parents",
This is true but of course it's a half truth. What Bob is conveniently leaving out is he insulted my parents first. From his own mouth "
Oh, and as for the parenting advice, while it's probably to late you may want to give it to your folks. I'm sure they're proud."

and then after doing this (which is a real mature way to handle someone who disagrees with you) he is all of the sudden concerned about bullying.
Yes I am concerned about it. Obviously more concerned than you are.

And like I reminded the Count, at least when a real bully takes the lunch money from a smaller child, there is a thin chance that the kid will fight back.

And Like I said to Bob it's clear from his reaction my honest questions about bullying he was that kid that got his ass kicked a whole lot and really that explains everything we know about him.

But the Count instead prefers to bully hiding behind the persona of a cartoon character. And yes, that qualifies as "chickenshit" - not as an insult, but as a very accurate description.

Again insults from a man of is always whining about others insulting him. Isn't it funny that Bob spends all of his free time complaining about a lack of civility in others while he is constantly insulting everybody? maybe it's just another lie in Bob's whole life pattern of being nothing but a liar.

PS: I found out why he wants my personal information he is in to hacking Facebook pages. Pure class Bob.

Bob continues to lie and's all he knows.
Count, if you actually read the comments posted above, and then read the first set of comments posted on your blog, it is obvious to anyone with a brain (oh wait, I may have discovered the problem here...) that the those two sets of comments go together. And since the second part of those comments are the only ones listed on your blog, then guess what.... you deleted the very first comments.

Guess what I can't delete half your comment dumbass. I can either keep it or get rid of it I can not edit it. I didn't erase any of your comments until the 5th post which continued your insult filled rants.

So tell me Count, why do you insist on lying? Can you not help yourself?

Really repeating what I said? You are going to the I am rubber you are glue card?


Anonymous said...

BTW Normally I say to erase the trolls comments but I want Bob's left alone. They say so much about him.

Anonymous said...

BTW Normally I say to erase the trolls comments but I want Bob's left alone.....

And yet on this post alone the count has already erased both of my responses to his little lies. So telling.

Anonymous said...

The Count hasn't erased shit. have the other two mods erased them? I don't know but taking your track record of lying into account I suspect those 2 other responses never existed.

RalphyFan said...

I haven't erased squat.

Anonymous said...

Fine, if you want to play like ten year olds, go right ahead. What a pathetic piece of shit. Apparently I was wrong, your folks probably aren't proud.

Have a nice life count.

Anonymous said...

Just a FWI If you are in the Des Moines area and your thinking about stopping at the Borders book store I would go to Barnes And Noble instead.

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