Friday, October 22, 2010

Big 12 Picks

5-1 last week 51-8 for the season.

Nebraska 38 Oklahoma State 24. There are certainly far easier games and places in which to get over a tough defeat. If Nebraska is off their game just a little bit they'll have a very hard time wining.

Texas 42 Iowa State 17. Iowa State is playing their 4th straight game against a monster opponent. this could get very ugly if the beat down has set in/

Baylor 31 Kansas State 24. A flip a coin game. it's at Baylor and they have the best player so I'll go with them.

Texas Tech 34 Colorado 27. Another coin flip. Don't think Tech will win so much as I expect Colorado to find away to lose.

Texas A&M 48 Kansas 10. Kansas is real bad. If A&M doesn't win this game big they are in more trouble than even I thought possible.

Oklahoma 27 Missouri 23. A Missouri win with a Nebraska loss basically puts Missouri in the Big 12 championship game even after a Nebraska win over Missouri next week.

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