Friday, October 29, 2010

Big 12 Predictions

Last Week 4-2 Season 55-10

Nebraska 34 Missouri 20. Missouri is the hot team. Missouri might be the better team. They will get every call as the Big 12 does not want Nebraska to win this game. The game is in Lincoln were Nebraska has played like crap the last 2 years now. It's all in favor of Missouri. Nebraska wins in surprisingly easy fashion.

Oklahoma State 38 Kansas State 31. Something tells me this game could be an upset but i'll go with the safe pick

Iowa State 52 Kansas 0. Kansas is awful and down to their 3rd string QB. Oh and their starting receiver and RB are out on suspension. You spell this one U-G-L-Y

Texas A&M 35 Texas Tech 34. Flip a coin

Texas 27 Baylor 20. Love to be wrong here. Going with the best talent.

Oklahoma 49 Colorado 6. see Iowa State-Kansas

Fuck the Big 12.

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