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Personal Grades And Thoughts Kansas State Game.

Warning this is the length of a certain conservative troll on newshounds blog posts tonight)

You may or may not have have heard already but Saturday Nebraska is playing Texas in Lincoln for possibly the last time (though there is a hell of a lot better shot at playing Texas down the road than say Kansas State) and the entire state of Nebraska is about to blow a gasket because well we hate those dastardly fuckers from Austin. We even have scheduled a "red out around the world" Saturday which officially has nothing to do with Texas yet the video promoting it originally ended with beat Texas. It pains me to say this but...we are acting like Colorado fans. We aren't getting ourselves up for this game using our love for Nebraska but our hate Texas. Isn't that exactly what Colorado fan does? Or Missouri fan for that matter? or any other fan who can't be bothered to ever follow his or her team unless there is the Scarlet and Cream to stir up the hate in their bones. So no I am not a fan of Red Out Around The World, though admittedly I put my name on their little internet map, hell I don't even think the Texas is all that important. Well not as important as the Kansas State, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa State games.

You see if Texas loses to Nebraska it's one more loss during a rare rebuilding year. In the grand scheme of things by net year it will be forgotten. Texas will most likely be really good again next year and well on their way to independence. It's all part of the what I like to call make those rubes from the Midwest think we're their savior and then really fuck them up the ass tour. Win or lose Saturday past this year Texas really doesn't care, but Kansas State on the other hand. This one lasts a life time. For Kansas State fan it was win or else. Or else spend the rest of your life knowing the very school you hate most left laughing as they once again did you like your Daddies did you.That's why you saw butt hurt coming from Kansas State that was off the charts. It's why Kansas City radio sports show host had an actual mental breakdown on air. This was it for KSU fan win or else. And they didn't win. Even worse they got beat by Nebraska in the same manner they have been beaten by Nebraska so many times before. You could have closed your eyes and listen to the sounds of this game and swore it was 1988 and Kansas State was winless again and Nebraska was on their way to another yearly thank you very much ass kicking in Manhattan.

Nebraska won 48-13. After it was over did KSU fan turn around and say Congratulations you kicked our ass...again! You're a better team than we are. And the "rivalry" is over with a final record of Nebraska 78 Kansas State 15 2 ties. You clearly have a better program than we do. Of course not. The next morning Kietzman had another mental breakdown while every Kansas State fan with a twitter account was expressing their butt hurt in a 140 characters or less. "Fck U Cornholers U Guys suck dick and y'all think UR Bttr Than Us! " Actually 78--15-2 and 48-13! I don't think it.... I know it! Even a crash course at the Los Angeles Lakers school of statistic manipulation could help make 78-15-2 look like anything other than total domination.

Kansas State fan and Missouri fan, which are actually the same cocksucker different school colors, love to complain that Nebraska fan is myopic and lives in the past. Yet this is my second trip to Manhattan to see a game, the other being in 2008, and Kansas State fan is still stuck in 1998! Ok they did move on a little this time all the way up to the year 2000. Hell Missouri fan, who is still living in 2007, is totally living in the here and now by comparison.

A Kansas State game is still the only place I know of where for whatever reason we have to flashback to the third grade and mouth the pledge of allegiance. If it wasn't for their tradition of dry humping the person in front of them while the band plays the Wabash cannonball it might be the dumbest ceremony I have ever seen in a football stadium. Also the tackling the hick Nebraska farmer boy by the Wildcat wasn't funny in 2008 and was less so in 2010. Time for a new script write boys. Nebraska at least changes it's tunnel walk every year. Nothing like a school is Central Kansas calling out another school for being "farm boy hicks" Especially as they dry hump their neighbor to some Roy Acuff.


Offense A. Nebraska 'only" had 17 points at halftime but it wasn't because their offense was clicking. In the first half at least Kansas State's game plan of going on long drives that shortened the game was working to a point. Nebraska only had 4 possessions in the first half of the game. Problem for KSU was they scored on 3 of them. And while KSU was going on 6,7,8 minute drives in the first half all they could manage was 3 points. Taylor Martinez, who bounced back very well thank you very much, broke his 2nd long run of the game late in the first half which led to an Alex Henery field goal that made the score 17-3 at half and essentially ended the game. For at that point if things kept going as they were Kansas State would have to make a decision. Do we continue to sit on the ball and lose by a "respectable" or do we start throwing and lose by 60. As it turned out it did not matter what KSU chose to do. On Nebraska's first possession of the second half Martinez broke an 80 yard run for a touchdown. On Nebraska's second possession of the second half Roy Helu broke a 69 yard Touchdown run. Then Doc Severinsen fired up the tonight show band and Ed McMahon told us all to go home and drive safely. A 79 yard pass to Kyler Read and another 40+ yard Martinez touchdown run were only necessary in successfully making sure that the psychiatrist and therapist in the Manhattan, Junction City area had a going concern for at least the next two years having their hands full bringing Kansas State fans back to being useful citizens in the community again.

Defense. A-. Kansas State did have 315 though half of that came in garbage time. When Bo Pelini put his starters back in on defense with Kansas State enjoying a first in goal at the one it took 4 plays for KSU to get a yard and then they had to throw to do so. Daniel Thomas who was thought to have a huge game against Nebraska's run defense had less than 70 yards on 20+ caries and was not a factor at all. The A- here instead of an A is because Kansas State did have some long time consuming drives in the first half though the total harvest for their hard labor was a measly 3 points in the first half.

Special Teams C-. There is no such thing as a perfect game. Kansas State had several long kickoff returns and that was really the only bothersome thing about the entire night for Nebraska. Niles Paul didn't fumble but he made some very questionable decisions on kick returns. Field Goal kicking and punting Alex Henery was Alex Henery.

Overall A. The only piece of not playing Kansas State again that breaks my heart is seeing the faces on loud mouth pieces of shit like the fool that sat behind me make Nebraska jokes all night long when they get up to leave with their tails tucked between their legs. As he got up to leave I asked where he was going and why he wasn't still running his mouth. Yes I should have lead it go. The poor loser is a Kansas State fan and his glory days are over. And for a school that still talks about a 20 year old victory over mighty North Texas state as one of their greatest wins in the history of their program glory is rare. And it will only get rarer when Bevo decides to cut off her spigot and Kansas State is playing North Texas State in conference every year. Nebraska on the other hand is through with Kansas State if not forever than for a very long time. Though in this case I suspect it may very well be forever. Unless Kansas State is closer to a major bowl game than they appear in the net 3-5 years. After that Kansas State's days as a major college football team are numbered and it would take a 6-6 like meltdown type year for Nebraska to have to play a conference USA-Mountain West team like Kansas State in a bowl game. Good riddance. And the last thing I'll say about possibly the last Nebraska-Kansas State game is 78-15-2, 48-13.

Around The Big 12. 5-1 last week. 46-7 for the year

Oklahoma State 54 Louisiana-Lafayette 27. The Cajuns lead at halftime before Oklahoma State woke up in the second half and took over. OSU has the offense to be a major player in the Big 12 and the defense to continue to be same old sorry-assed OSU.

Arkansas 24 A&M 17. Shit game. Arkansas was making sure they kept the game close and A&M was making sure they would lose it.

Texas Tech 45 Baylor 38. Sure wish we had the clock operator who worked this game last year against Texas. They wouldn't give Baylor a second back at the end of this game like they did Texas because well.. Texas is Texas and Baylor is not.

Utah 68 Iowa State 27. Shocked! Not that Utah won or even that Utah won by more than 14 points though I thought it would be close. I am shocked that Iowa State just bent over and smiled while Utah violated them all night long. I really like Paul Rhoads at Iowa State I didn't think one of his teams would allow admittedly a very good Utah team to do them like this.

Missouri 26 Colorado 0. This game gave me a headache. It's not like Missouri played all that damned well either. but every-time Colorado would get to the Missouri 30 yard line they would go all Barney Fife on themselves. It's amazing that Dan Hawkins bunch is still making the same old stupid ass mistakes that they have always made under Dan Hawkins. perhaps former CU Quarterback Joel Klatt who was calling the game on Fox Sports said it best Colorado is doing things division 1 teams should not do. They have been for 5 years now at least.

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