Thursday, October 14, 2010

Real Time Thoughts Kansas-Kansas State.

My god traffic was fucking crazy tonight I thought we were in freakin Dallas instead of Omaha.

Passed a billboard that said "Read My Best Seller. There Will Be A Test Later!-God" I think they meant the Bible though for the life of me I don't remember it being written by God.

OK 0-0 Kansas-Kansas State 9 and a half minutes left 1st quarter.

And Kansas Shooting themselves in the foot.

The Tobacco shop was closed so I have to order me some smokes which I'll do soon.

50 piece chicken McNuggets pack from McDonalds? Man that's got to be healthy.

Kansas State still running options with Carson Caufman who runs the 40 in about 10 seconds flat.

3-0 Kansas State.

West Virginia is playing South Florida and are wearing all yellow uniforms that look like they were discarded by Carmen Miranda.

I wish Bill Snyder would quit picking his nose on national TV. Unlike Chase Daniel at least he's not eating it also.

St Louis Blues game is being televised blah blah blah.

3 minutes left in the first quarter and this game is already teetering for KU.

Joel Myers and Dave Lapham stop to blow Monty Burns...err...Bill Snyder.

3-0 KSU end of the first quarter.

Turned on the West Virginia game and suddenly I want a Chiquita Banana.

Touchdown slow ass Caufman 9-0. Extra point to come. Kansas is really bad.

10-0 Kansas State.

WTF just happened? Kansas fumbled the ball. KSU ball on the Kansas 25.

Turner Gill's no cussing ban is in danger I suspect.

If slow ass Carson Caufman is doing this to Kansas what will Taylor Martinez do to them?

Touchdown Kansas State. 17-0.

Wide open man over thrown by 40 yards. Either Kansas is quarterbacked by a crappy Freshman college QB or Brett Favre.

Joel Myers Caufman hasn't thrown anything over 10 yards...because he CAN'T throw the ball over 10 yards.

Dropped! so when the ball is well thrown Kansas can't catch it.

Ug Kansas 4th and 2...sack. QB couldn't decide what to do so he did nothing and got sacked.

Dave Lapham confuses himself with size of the dog in the fight cliche.

Kansas State is doing Kansas the way Nebraska did Kansas State.

Just went to say something to Contessa and Kansas State scores again. 24-0 Kansas is Michele Bachmann bad.

Now it's time to blow Daniel Thomas.

It's COFFMAN I guess I should spell his name correctly.

If Kansas State scores here I am gonna call it a night at halftime.

Is Turner Gill capable of getting in some grills and chewing ass? Is anybody on his staff?

And touchdown pass KSU. 31-0. Kansas is making a very average QB look like Joe Montana.

31-0 Kansas State.

To paraphrase Country Singer Bill Anderson for lack of a better way to call it Kansas has called it quits.

And 31-0 at the half. Kansas booed off the field.

Bill Snyder "we're playing better than we played a week ago I can tell you that" Well Monty you aren't playing Nebraska this week.

I'll be back periodically.

52-0 Kansas State. Words can't describe how bad Kansas is.

Touchdown Kansas! Touchdown Kansas!

59-7 Kansas State final score. Embarrassing for Kansas and Turner Gill

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