Friday, October 1, 2010

Bush Institute Announces First Initiative...and it's a Whopper!

Via Think Progress...

The first major initiative of the new George W. Bush Institute will be to create a training program that will provide more qualified principals to the nation’s public schools, officials announced Wednesday.

The institute, which will be based at Southern Methodist University, is launching the Alliance to Reform Education Leadership with a pilot program that includes school districts in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Denver, St. Louis and Indianapolis. The goal of the program is to train half of the nation’s public school principals in the next decade.

OK. Number One, when exactly did Dumbya become such a big fan of public schools? This is the home-school and voucher crowd. As some of the comments at TP suggest, maybe this is a way to make sure that public schools fail. His Midas touch gave that extra-special gift to most every other program that came anywhere near him, after all.

Number Two, who is going to give any credence to a program in which 50% of the test cases are in Texas, land of revisionist textbooks and maybe-we'll-secede tropes? Yes, sirree, that's the model we need for the educators and administrators of tomorrow!

Number Three, why on earth would school districts and their staffs willingly fall in line for this bilge? Here's a hint for you, Dumbya. Educators don't like you. They remember the defunding effort you mounted. They know what garbage your No Child Left Behind - more like No Teacher Left Standing - nonsense was, and how it's hamstrung their ability to do much more than tread arbitrary water, let alone, you know, educate. Pack up your Fuller Brush bag and skedaddle. Nobody wants this.

And, finally, there's already a program for training principals and others involved in the public education system. It's called the degrees they earned at reputable universities, and the continuing re-certification and in-service training their contracts usually require. From people who have these things called "qualifications." Not your grandiose plan, Dumbya. Fed, no doubt, by the yes-men at the Washington Speakers Bureau who trot you out for motivational speeches to friendly audiences and forever reassure you how loved you are and what priceless pearls of wisdom you impart.

So, tell you what, Dumbya. Here's a better idea. You remember those "faith-based" initiatives you were so enamored of? Stick with that. You stay at home with Barney at your side and Laura avoiding you as much as possible, and you pray all those kids smarter and better behaved. It's much less work for you, and I guarantee the rest of us will all be much happier.

(By the way, originally I was saying "Dubya," and Blogger's spell-checker didn't care for that. But it's fine with "Dumbya." Kind of telling, eh?)

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