Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a motherf#$^ing coward!!

Get used to hearing the name Tim Profitt. If you already don't know by now, this scumbag stomped on the head of a woman working for MoveOn.org...and that was before she was tied down by two or three other men in the crowd.

I have no respect for any man who assaults a woman like that.


Anonymous said...

This is who they are.

Anonymous said...

What will the official Republican excuse for this behavior be?
A. he was a plant?
Or B. Planet Boob's personal favorite "Well Democrats did this back when"?

theroachman said...

One of the dopes was 'fired' by the teabag guy running for office. I guess the stomper was working for him.

And whats with the sudden intrest by the mainstream media for computer voting errors? Back in 2000 and 2004 when there was a really big problem they ignored the whole thing.

Oh wait I know. The Democrats are the ones behind the fraud this time.

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