Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Four Thoughts in the NFL

* Jay Cutler was who I thought he would be: an overrated QB on a team, getting by with stellar D from Brian Urlacker and Julius Peppers. #6 got manhandeled by Tom Coughlin's D-Line in last night's 17-3 beatdown. Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck looked like tigers ready to pounce on Cutler's punk ass every chance the pair got, and did: He got sacked 9 times before he left the game with a concussion, six of those times he was sacked by Umenyiora and Tuck alone. What's even more imppresive: the Giants D held Chi-town to 110 yards of total offense, did not attempt a single 3rd down conversion in 13 attempts, and limited the Bears to 6 first downs. Sure, they're 3-1, but that's a team with many question marks, and with a rough schedule starting after their Bye Week on the 31st of this month, they need to answer those questions, and soon.

* Ex-Charger bunning back LT had 19 carries and rushed for 133 yds. as the Jets pistol-whipped Buffalo, 38-13. Its what he said that I found very interesting. (paraphrasing)

When we sat down with LT on Friday, he said that for the last two years with the Chargers he was injured in the first game of the year and never felt right after that. He said that this is the first time he's felt healthy since mid-2007.
Huh. I thoguht Tomlinson said once that the problem was that the O-Line sucked since mid-2007. Despite all that, Tomlinson was still the leading yards rusher in 2007, with 1474 yards, averaging 4.7 a carry, and was still selected to go to the Pro-Bowl. I totally believe you, Tomlinson. It was the O-Line (although there is some truth to it) and not the fact that you weren't getting your touches and that Norv Turner took away the keys and made Phillip Rivers the main focus of the team. Right.

* Despite the Special Returns Teams collapse in Weeks 1 and 3, the biggest surprise this season for the 2010 Chargers has been their defense. They are currently allowing 235.5 yards/game - the best in the NFL. With the injury to Shawne Merriman and losing 7x baby daddy CB Antonio Cromarte and ILB Tim Dobbins via free agency, I thought we'd have troubles at the Linebacker and Cornerback position. Linebackers Shaun Phillips and Kevin Burnett, and replacement Cornerback Anton Cason are thriving. Sunday's 41-10 beatdown of the Cardinals was further proof, especially in the LB corp. 9 total sacks yestersday, 4 for #95 alone. And what more can I say about Antonio Gates? 7 catches for 144 yds, two TD's, and he became just the 7th TE in NFL History to have over 500 catches for his career.

* Before yessterday's Redskins-Eagles match, Philly fans gave Donnovan McNabb a standing ovation. Three hours, a game-ending rib injury to Michael Vick and a 17-13 loss to the visitng Redskins, most of them had to be thinking: "Why the hell did we let McNabb go?"

Late Edit: How the hell are the Dolphins 2-1? Chad Penne did not look great out there tonight, and in the 3rd Quarter, the Patriots' Special Teams and Tom Brady outscored Miami 38-7 in the 2nd half winning 41-14 on Monday Night.


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Boy the Dolphins special teams are awful.

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Oh and Mike Martz is a king sized dipshit

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Shit I erased my last article because I was going to move it to live journal and erased move of it with out saving it...Dumbass

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