Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Few Thoughts On The Big XII And The Nighthawks

Man bye weeks suck. I just want to say that right off the bat. Yeah the not being able to sleep very well the night before and the getting so nervous you are almost ill may seem crazy to some folks but you only get so many weeks you can experience the feeling and bye weeks feel like a missed opportunity. Good news is Thursday will be here soon and I will be in Manhattan, Kansas feeling queasy at kickoff.

I am glad the Nighthawks managed to win again tonight but they may want to actually play in the third quarter next week. Good to see Denny Green again. Reminded me of some good and not so good times before the ugly divorce. As did one Daunte Culpepper. I have to be honest I never thought Daunte was worth a shit as a pro and watching him not make plays down the stretch again brought back memories. Really good to see Corey Ross again. One of the few bright spots from the dark ages. If Nebraska had 100 Corey Ross' between 2002-2007 (Ross Graduated in 05) They would have never dropped do far.

Oklahoma State 38 Texas A&M. 35. OK A&M fan are you going to admit that Mike Sherman is the next Bill Callahan? This game was going to come down to whoever made the last mistake and not surprisingly it was A&M.

Baylor 55 Kansas 7. Ouch! OK you lost to Baylor that's no sin but 55-7? Really? It's Baylor's biggest margin of victory since the big 12 formed the 2nd biggest margin of victory was...3. Actually I don't know.

Oklahoma 28 Texas 20. Oklahoma got ahead 28-10 and then seemed to quit which is what they do. Texas is not very good right now at all. At then end of the game everybody got together and had a huge male orgy on the 50 yard line...ok not really but honestly Oklahoma and Texas are both the exact same cocksucker.

Iowa State 52 Texas Tech 38. Who the fuck gives 52 points to Iowa State? Not surprised Iowa State won this game but I am surprised with all of the talk about how Texas Tech was now going to play defense that they laid this turd.

Colorado 29 Georgia 27. The second worst team in the Big 12 is better than the second worst team in the SEC! At least they were Saturday. As for the people saying this was an upset...shit how is that possible? I picked it! As for the student body storming the field over a victory over a 1-4 team as much as I hate acronyms... ROFLMAO!

And since Nebraska didn't play today...

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