Friday, November 29, 2013

Final Score   
                        17                                      38
 What you kinda feared was gonna happen at some point finally did but you played with the hand your dealt and don't make excuses. Even with all of the injuries the game was there to be had with Iowa's QB also on the bench. To Iowa's credit they're playing error free football right now which goes a long way in hiding whatever weaknesses your team might have.

I like Bo but he didn't help himself today. The fake punt call was ignorant and the Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was beyond stupid. Yes it was a terrible call and yes Little Kirksy can stand there and yell at the refs and say things to them like that's f'ing BS and have to be restrained and yet not get a flag but you gotta be smarter than that.

What Bowl game is Nebraska going to? I know not. Personally I am fine with going to Detroit and playing a MAC team. Let's just get the 9th win.

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