Sunday, February 10, 2013

On A Sleepy City Sidewalk Sunday Utard Comin Down...

U Mad? commented on Bill O'Reilly, Hate Speech, & Dr. Tiller 37 mins ago · Flag
The question is not about the woman or her choice. Its about your definition of what a baby/fetus is. Your position is that its not a baby, that its a fetus and not given the same rights as what you define as a “child” or “baby”. Meaning you could not call it murder if someone stabbed your pregnant wife in the stomach killing your unborn “fetus”. By your own definition, it would only be an assault on your wife, not a murder of your child.

U Mad? commented on Sean Hannity Once Again Uses LAPD Cop-Killer Suspect To Dishonestly Smear Liberals 4 hours ago · Flag
Certainly not me. I dont use insults and name-calling.

U Mad? commented 2 hours ago · Flag
Anne: they do abortions that late. Just because they “generally” dont do it doesnt mean they dont do it at all. It happens.

And why wont any of you answer the question I posed? Should that person be charged with murder or just assault? 
U Mad? commented 1 hour ago · Flag
No, its not stupid. If your belief is that a fetus is not a child or baby until its born then you can only support charging the man with assault, not murder. According to your very definition, the man did not murder your unborn child, he assaulted your wife causing her to abort a fetus, which by your definition, is not really a child or a baby.

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