Monday, December 29, 2008

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts Second Quarter

Pussy boy over throws a receiver on third down and...

The Worlds greatest kicker comes out and makes a 30 yard field goal. 7-3 Northwestern.

Northwestern completes a pass, Missouri can't tackle and Northwestern has a 31 yard play.

That didn't work. Northwestern tries a trick play it loses 9 yards but Northwestern almost gets a first down on a screen pass.

Pass Interference on Missouri.

Hahahahahahahaha! Missouri got a stop on third down and they were offsides again.

Shit Northwestern is going to have to kick a field goal.

it's good 10-3 Northwestern

Pussy Boy gets hit and throws another interception. Nice pass pussy boy! come on show his mama!

Shit it's under review...that's a pick

Time to show this...

Northwestern driving and eating clock. If Missouri wanted to start fast it's too late.

Have to go for it. I didn't like that call at all on third down. They should have ran.

God they are going for a field goal.

And he missed it. Piss poor coaching there.

Thank you ESPN. We so didn't get to see enough of this obnoxious fucker Billy Mays before yo started having him on all your commercials.

Here come the excuses. Chase has the flu. Boo Hoo Hoo

Northwestern is doing a great job of eating the clock. keeping booger eater pussy boy on the bench.

Shit Missouri blew past the NW defensive line. Northwestern needed get more points out of this half.


Jeremy Macklin returned the punt for a touchdown for Missouri.

And that's half...

10-10 tie

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