Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's Still Going And Going

You are the first person who supports this site that makes sense.Very good, balanced post.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:31 am #

Are you privy to what FOX news journalists are told and "what it's like working at Fox News"?I just think you are a liberal hack who doesn't know what the fuck you are talking about, and you are just following the liberal bullshit line.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:37 am #

Aren't you late for a union meeting? Have you mailed your dues this month?
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:42 am #

That post is so ridiculous there is no possible answer. If you consider veterans war criminals, and you can't differentiate between statutory military retirements and negotiated union retirements - you are beyond help.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:47 am #

No.He got lampooned because he lied about it.
Fox Insider 12.18.08 - 1:52 am #

Why, oh why, do you insist on demonstrating your ignorance? Military retirement is A PART OF THE CONTRACT WHEN YOU VOLUNTEER FOR MILITARY SERVICE AND PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS! Of course you wouldn't know. You were a union prostitute for your working life while people like me were on duty to allow you that chance.

Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:53 am #

You are beyond stupid. You have no concept of the mechanics of the war in Southeast Asia.Do some research before you expose your ignorance.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:56 am #

"I have that memory which is seared -- seared -- in me." John Kerry, lying about having been in Cambodia on 25 Dec. 1968
Fox Insider 12.18.08 - 1:56 am #

YOU STUPID IDIOTS!Classified information is completely declassified after 20 years under the automatic declassification schedule.But I wouldn't expect you to know that since you don't know anything else...
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:59 am #

I feel like I am in a kindergarten. NAH NAH YOU DIDN'T --- NAH NAH I DID --- etc.You people are complete stupid jerks who haven't a clue. I have been there and done that for everything I say and without knowing who I am you rant and rave about me lying.You are all very insecure.Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:04 am #

Don't be silly.John Kerry is not a defendent in a criminal trial, and therefore, nobody has to prove him wrong. He has to prove he was there or he is a liar.

Fox Insider 12.18.08 - 2:05 am #

You are the dumbest creature I have met in my life.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:09 am #

I put salt on a slug that was smarter than you...
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:11 am #

Sorry we whipped your ass again. Good night.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:17 am #

I guess I will pick up my lantern and continue my search for an "honest man." I didn't really think I would find one here...
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:23 am #

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theroachman said...

This guy claims to be a Lt Colonel?

There is no such thing as automatic declassification and when Clinton declassified the information on Operation Menu in 2000 the documents admitted to the indiscriminate and illegal carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia.

The most important part of those documents when referring to this troll is the fact none of the pilots or crew names where released that is still classified and will most likely be left that way for the crews safety.

Good work Troll you have admited to the world you help create the Khmer Rouge and are proud of it.

What a dufus.

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