Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If anyone is wondering...

Yes, i'm still on the Banned and Dangerous least I think there's a payroll...*Mental note*: ask the Count about when my next paycheck comes in. Anyway, i'm still around, I haven't shut down my other blog The Way I See It and there's still stuff I want to talk about - including the President caving again to the GOP on the Bush tax cuts, the awful sports weekend in San Diego, etc. - but my classes are my first priority and it'll stay that way up until Dec. 16, the last Final Exam I have to take before i'm released for Winter Break.

Hope all is well on here.


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Anonymous said...

Just sent the last paychecks out Aunty...dammit that was suppose to be hush hush.

Anyway half of the people I follow on twitter for political reasons are arguing with the other half and quite frankly I think it sucks however I have to say IMHO the President fucked up. Not his finest hour.

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