Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final Score

23 20

Unlike that shitfest in Aggie land this game was decided by the kids and Oklahoma's were a little better. Love the effort even if the execution was lacking. Not in the mood to second guess coaches + I am not qualified. Bottom line Oklahoma was better and they won.

After the first quarter Oklahoma was the much better football team. In fact it was pretty amazing Nebraska was still in the game. Youth and injuries, especially youth, really killed Taylor Martinez tonight and with Martinez playing an A+ game against a top 10 quality team like OU Nebraska was really going to struggle to win this game. A lot of people complaining about Sean Watson Whatever I am not a coach and won't play one. I do know Watson not once fumbled of threw a bad interception in the end zone that cost Nebraska 3 points.

The best news the Big 12 is over and done with. I'll sleep well tonight. I still love my boys as much as ever. Uh oh look for Planet Boob to post that last sentence as proof I am a Homersexual. :)


Planet Bob said...

No, the huskers played a great game and nothing to be ashamed of. It was a good game right up until the end, and I am looking forward to the soon to be annual Iowa-Nebraska game starting next year.

Welcome to the Big Ten

Anonymous said...

You may only have to wait until the 28th to see it.

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