Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet Tim Tebow The Next Brett Favre

With Brett Favre's career finally coming to a crashing and ugly end the media needs their next creation. The next mediocre White QB they can turn in to the second coming of Jebus. And they've found him. Tim Tebow. Tebow was a media diva in College so much so that the term Tebowner was coined. Unless Tebow is absolutely terrible look for multiple pro bowls and many more Tebowners to to follow

The Next Brett Favre Tim Tebow.


theroachman said...

funny thing about tebow is that rumer has it here in Denver that Denver is setting up to try for the first pick in the draft and get then pick the Auborn Quarterback by by teabow maybe. He was Josh McDanials hand picked future of his coaching career thus Pat Bowlen may want someone else at Quarterback

Planet of Bob said...

Look Count, I understand you don't like the man, but "mediocre White QB"? The man holds the all-time records for:

Starts by a position player: 297 (321 including playoffs)[18]

Career regular-season victories by a starting quarterback: 185

Career passing touchdowns: 507
Career passing yards: 71,775
Career pass completions: 6,295
Career pass attempts: 10,161

Career games with at least 1 touchdown pass: 244

As well as about 800 records, and this you call mediocre?

Granted, the man also holds the record for most career interceptions thrown (334), most career times sacked (524), and most career fumbles (165). But then again, look at the record for the major league baseball players who have struck out the most: Reggie Jackson - 2,597, Jim Thome - 2,388, Sammy Sosa - 2,306, Andrés Galarraga - 2,003, José Canseco - 1,942, Willie Stargell - 1,936, Mike Schmidt - 1,883 and so on. Pretty good company. It isn't how often you get knocked down, it's how often you get back up.

And your insistance on using the word "mediocre" sadly says more about you than it does Farve. Again, you don't have to like the guy - I really don't care for John Elway, and yet I won't downplay his accomplishments. I don't have to pretend that one of the greatest to play the game is "mediocre" just because I have petty issues.

Career games with at least 2 touchdown passes: 157
Career games with at least 3 touchdown passes: 71[23]
Career games with at least 4 touchdown passes: 23[24]
Career games with at least 200 passing yards: 202
(2nd) Career games with at least 300 passing yards: 62 (Dan Marino is 1st with 63)
Longest touchdown pass: 99 yards (the maximum possible, tied with 10 others)
Touchdown passes of 80+ yards: 9
Touchdown passes of 70+ yards: 15
Touchdown passes of 20+ yards: 165
1 yard touchdown passes: 37
1 yard touchdown passes, passer/receiver combination: 8, Brett Favre/Bubba Franks
Career games with at least 30 completions: 25 (Peyton Manning is 2nd with 24)
Career games with at least 20 completions: 189 (Peyton Manning is 2nd with 150)
Seasons with at least 20 touchdown passes: 15
Seasons with at least 30 touchdown passes: 9
Consecutive seasons with at least 30 touchdown passes: 5
Seasons with at least 35 touchdown passes: 3
Consecutive seasons with at least 35 touchdown passes: 3
Seasons with at least 3,000 passing yards: 18
Consecutive seasons with at least 3,000 passing yards: 18
Seasons with at least 300 completions: 18
Consecutive seasons with at least 300 completions: 18
Seasons leading the league in touchdown passes: 4 (tied with Johnny Unitas, Len Dawson and Steve Young)[25]
(2nd) Most passer/receiver touchdown combinations in a season: 18, Brett Favre/Sterling Sharpe in 1994 (Tom Brady/Randy Moss are 1st with 23 in 2007, Favre/Sharpe are tied at 2nd with Dan Marino/Mark Clayton)
(2nd) Consecutive games with a TD pass: 36 (Johnny Unitas, 47)
(2nd) Consecutive seasons with a TD pass: 19 (Vinny Testaverde, 21)
Most consecutive AP NFL MVP awards: 3 (1995–1997)[26]
Career playoff pass completions: 481[27]
Career playoff pass attempts: 791[27]
Career playoff passing yards: 5,855[27]
(2nd) Career playoff passing touchdowns: 44[27] (Montana, 45)[28]
Career playoff interceptions thrown: 30
Career playoff losses as starting QB: 11
(5th) Career playoff wins as starting QB: 13 (Joe Montana, 16; Tom Brady, 14; Terry Bradshaw, 14; John Elway, 14)
Games played by a starting quarterback against one opponent in a calendar year: 5 games against the Detroit Lions in 1994; 1/2/94 (game 16 of the 1993 season), 1/8/94 (playoff game), 11/6/94, 12/4/94, 12/31/94 (playoff game)
Longest gap between receptions: 17 years and 4 weeks (275 games)

Anonymous said...

I erased one of those comments pretty sure it was the same comment left twice. yeah he's got numbers he's played 60 years.

You know what George Blanda was never much more than a mediocre player who piled up massive numbers because he played for 3 decades. One difference though. In the clutch Blanda came through for his teams.

Planet of Bob said...

Count, I'm really trying to respond without resulting to childish insults, but you've got to be freakin' kidding.

Sure, Favre played for a million years, the good ones tend to be able to do that (while the mediocre are shown the door). And using Blanda as another example of "Mediocre"? Lets see, is that the same Blanda That The Sporting News ranked number 98 on their list of the 100 Greatest Football Players?

Again, is Favre the greatest QB ever? That's debateable. Did he stay too long? Without a doubt. But is Canton full of Mediocre players? I doubt it.

P.S. - Yeah, my comment did get posted twice.

Anonymous said...

Yes please leave the childish insults to your blog or $.

So somebody thinks Blanda was one of the 100 best. Don't agree but I'll say this for him he was clutch for a long time. That alone makes him better than Favre who has never been clutch.

Anonymous said...

See Clutch Brett Favre post that destroys Planet Boob's Favre obsession. And by the way be gone Bob.

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