Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gameday # 14 The Bowl Game


Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl Nebraska 10-3 Washington 6-6. Nebraska hasn't played a team with a record this bad in a bowl game since they played 6-6 Mississippi in the Independence Bowl in 2002 and Nebraska was on 7-6 themselves that year.

What to watch for:

Motivation. It's that simple Tonight a semi-motivated Oklahoma State team beat a motivated Arizona 36-10. Nebraska beat OSU 51-41 Arizona beat Washington 44-14. Yeah that doesn't always mean anything but it gives you an example of who the better team should be. Another example is Nebraska 56 Washington 21 in Seattle earlier this year. If Nebraska is motivated at all they'll win point blank.

My Nephew Caleb is coming over to watch the game tomorrow night. He's 8. Can I keep my language in something resembling control?

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