Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Bowl Wrap Up.

Ok it's no big surprise Alabama beat Michigan State and Mississippi State beat Michigan hell I picked both as did most people but what has to be a surprise is that both schools were absolutely destroyed. For Michigan State it only ends a fantastic season on a sour note for Michigan it almost certainly means a coaching change. The Michigan no show duo and an early afternoon loss from Northwestern got the day off to a rough start for the Big 10. It only got worse. Penn State can at least point to the fact that they were competitive and had a chance to win the game until the very end against Florida in their 37-24 loss. Northwestern was also competitive but never really a threat to win against Texas Tech. Wisconsin lost a very close Rose Bowl to Texas Christian 21-19 after their 2pt conversion failed with 2 minutes left. Big win for TCU and tough loss for Wisconsin. TCU can make a claim for a national title but few outside of Fort Worth would take such a claim seriously. Wisconsin can lay claim to taking the #3 team in the country down to the wire the other Big 10 schools can only claim to have taken a beating.

In the night cap Oklahoma beat Connecticut 48-20 giving the Big 12 a little something to be proud of this bowl season though not much. Here's the thing Oklahoma was as Matt Zemek of College Football News said lazy and sloppy and UCONN probably played about well as it could have and yet it was still never really a game. Yeah UCONN was only down by 14 before Oklahoma finished them off late and yes Connecticut made plays to keep the game with in striking distance everytime you thought OU had put the game away but you never felt OU was threatened. So I say to OU fan be happy. if Nebraska would have been sloppy and lazy and still won by 28 Thursday night I damn sure would be much happier about that game than I am tonight. Instead of being sloppy, lazy, complacent, shitty and losing by 12 to a inferior team.

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