Friday, January 7, 2011

Reposted Fox News Poll On Health Care

Thank You Newshounds. And note to Planet Boob. If you don't know what you are talking about please don't post. And on the slight chance you do know what you are talking about...don't post here anyway.


Anonymous said...

First of all Boob thank you for comparing this blog to Fox news website. Traffic I am sure is about the same.

And BTW show us Boob where I or anybody else has ever claimed to not be left leaning? In other words unlike your control agents we aren't bullshitting you.

Third as for the great post greatest post labels that you hate so much I put them on as a joke after reading a blog ran by a crazy "Christian" conservative (Jeremiah's)

So now feel free to not post here anymore. Why don't you do something constructive like raise your Daughter?

Jonathan said...

Fox News must seriously drop their "Fair and Balanced" charade. It's a lie, anyone who hasn't drunken the network's kool-aid knows it's a lie, so please, quit insulting our intelligence.

et said...

I don't understand how cheerfully the masses swallow these stacked-deck polls.

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