Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann Leaves MSNBC.

I am sure Keith will land on his feet. This is not a huge disappointment for me because I haven't watched his show in awhile and when something good happens on his show I catch it on line. Still we need good liberal voices. No comments for now on this thread but Mods of course can edit their thoughts.

RalphyFan adds:

If you ask me this is direct fallout from Comcast's now all-but-sealed acquisition of NBC/Universal. They much prefer the tame, predictable punditry of a Matthews or an O'Donnell (it's no coincidence that Mr. Have-I-Mentioned-My-Senate-Staffing-Days? is getting Keith's old time slot, I daresay) to the forthright views that Keith was not afraid to express even when they bit the corporate hand that fed him.

I've heard CNN mentioned. Why bother with television at all? Cut to the chase, Keith, and become the spotlight podcast someplace like DKos or Huffington Post. Or, better yet, launch your own online content venture so that you're beholden to nobody and can call your own shots. Millions of bookmarks, Day One, I have absolutely no doubt.

Thoughts from Jonathan:
When I was 15, as I had just begun to become politically aware, I turned to MSNBC to watch the news, and watched one person in paticular, on the 5:00 hour every evening, from Monday to Friday: Keith Olbermann. From the nigtly, often funny, "Worst Persons In The World" segment, to the usually brilliant and powerful "Special Comment" and everything in between his nightly hour newscast, I watched, I laughed, felt outrage, and became more politically aware of my political surroundings. It sucks to know that Countdown with Keith Olbermann came to an end tonight.

Good night, and good luck, Keith.

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