Sunday, January 23, 2011

Superbowl XLV Is Set



Anonymous said...

Will Superbowl XLV be an entertaining one? My hunch is it will not be high scoring but will be very close. Will it be entertaining? Depends on if you like 16-13 games. Best Superbowl I ever saw was 17-14 this could be similar. BTW If you put a gun to my head I like the Steelers simply because I think they run the football better than Green Bay.

Anonymous said...

My take on Jay Cutler:

Jonathan said Jay Cutler=Pussy. I didn't disagree. I had a bit of problem with him not playing and then standing on the sidelines with a smile on his face. In this game with this importance I would like to see my QB on a bench appearing to be in pain if he is not playing.

However for now let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he really was too hurt to play that still does not excuse his piss poor performance. True is had he stayed in Chicago most likely would have lost at least 21-0. Both Cutler and his back up Todd Collins were brutal. The Bears showed no life until Caleb Hanie got in to the game by then it was too late. Maybe Cutler was really hurt too bad to play doesn't excuse his suckitude on the games biggest stage.

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