Monday, January 10, 2011

National Championship Game Thread


Auburn is a 3 to 3 1/2 point favorite and is the popular pick. I like Oregon which if you take in to account my other bowl picks is another good sign for Auburn. One thing is for certain January 10th is a ridiculous date to be playing this game

Late Edit from The Count: Auburn 22 Oregon 19. Crazy exciting finish to what was often a lackluster football game. The promised offensive explosion was blunted by a first half of offensive ineptitude.

The key play of the game came after Oregon scored a TD and 2pt conversion to tie the score at 19 when Auburn;s running back appeared to have been tackled and the play was over. Even he initially thought it was over however he was coaxed into getting up and running. The play was close. Both Jonathan and I were rooting for Oregon. I thought looking at the replay his body never touched and he was on top of an Oregon player. Jonathan thought he did touch the ground. Either way Oregon blew 2 scoring opportunities earlier in the game one on an INT and another on 4th and goal. So I don't believe they can say officials cost them the game.

Great finish but for the most part less than great game.

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