Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Thread

The State of the Union has already started, so feel free to make any comments you want to make.


theroachman said...

I have not watch this speach ever. Can not stand them. I will read the transcripts instead. And I will use youtube if a teabag person shouts something stupid. Any vegas betting on the chance of that?

Anonymous said...

They are sitting boy girl boy girl (actually Dem-Rep Dem-Rep)which is suppose to put a stop to such things.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the SOTU ever either. Can't stand the grand standing after every word.

et said...

I skipped it tonight, mostly, for a drama on CBC. A first for me in recent years. I think the whole Olbermann/Comcast thing has soured me for quite a while when it comes to US politics...better off taking a break rather than bringing the anger.

Anonymous said...

As I said I didn't watch it because I don't watch any SOTU addresses. mainly because of the clapping after every other word. I do know what was said what worked and what didn't because of the net.

I watched the Celtics game on the net instead (broadcast was in French for some reason which was a pain)And Mayoral recall coverage. Both turned out the way I wanted them too.

Oh I heard Michelle Bachman was really bad. Big shock. In fact several people commented that she was so bad she made Sarah Palin look good.

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