Thursday, April 10, 2008

Randi has left the building

And what a damn shame it is.

Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.

Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company.

We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America. We will soon announce exciting new talent and programming that will accelerate Air America’s growth in the future.

Love her or hate her, Randi Rhodes had the facts and never took shit from anyone. The kind of firecracker spirit she had is what made me listen to Air America Radio from the start.
I'm confident that Sam Seder might take Randi's slot, but it sure as hell won't be the same. And with Rachel Maddow more-than-likely going to get her own show or become a permanent political analyst for MSNBC, Air America might face a problem of finding the new hit star for the network.

Adios, Randi. You will be missed. At least to this AAR listener.


Anonymous said...

I think Air America made the correct decision.

MLP said...

Maybe, Count.

But she built that network, and gave a whole bunch of rookies credibility and a place to work. Without her, I don't have much interest in AAR.

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