Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is Tony Dungy Another False Hero?

Indianapolis Colts head Football Coach Tony Dungy is in Omaha to deliver the keynote speech at the Salvation Army's 2008 DJ's hero awards and the Omaha World Herald did an interview with him. I found this quite telling...

You sparked controversy in Indiana in 2007 when you spoke out against gay marriage. What's your feeling on expressing religious views as a public figure?

"One of the great things about our country is you do get a chance to say what you believe. When you are in a high-profile position like a head coach in the NFL, you have a bigger stage and what you say goes farther in terms of impact.

"It's just a matter of choosing to state your beliefs and say what you think. . . . People like Coach Osborne and Coach Brown were role models for me to do that.

"I think along with privilege goes responsibility. . . . Being a counselor and a role model for the young men I come in contact with, being true to my beliefs, is something that's important.

Being the World Herald they didn't follow up the questioning by asking if the suicide of Dungy's son in 2006 had anything to do with Dungy's beliefs. If somebody were to come out and say the same things Dungy had said and used the term "African Americans" or some other term instead of homosexuals would he still be ok in expressing his beliefs? Would he still have a job? Would he be hailed as a man of great character and faith while he was giving a speech on being a hero? Would he be even asked to give the speech?

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Anonymous said...

For the record and maybe I am wrong. I never remember Tom Osborne making any statements about gay marriage. I am sure he has and he's against it, but I don't remember him making any such statements. Ron Brown is a black Ralph. a great football coach but he's a nut.

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