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The View From My Ass

If You Don't Read Anything Else...

I have to be totally honest there is nothing important being written here today except this...

ConnCon 2008 is scheduled for September 25th through the 28th To quote what Ralphy fan wrote here earlier...

"It's the second group gathering of Newshounds regulars, and with Kim, Pb.D's fantastic legwork it's happening late this September in her new stomping grounds of Hartford, CT!"

Read more about this Here

Right now being honest I would put my odds of being able to attend at about 3 to 5% but I am not ruling it completely out.

I will post the website on the link site so we can be kept up to date on the happenings of this exciting event.

Poop On The Pope

What is the difference between Warren Jeffs and The Pope?
After thinking long and hard about this question I have decided there are 2.

1. The Pope was elected as a false holy figure and Warren Jeffs nominated himself.
2. Warren Jeffs only has a small cult following in bumblefuck (Colorado City) Arizona. The Pope has followers world wide from billionaires to untold third world poverty dwellers.

So when I saw that Tom Tancredo had ripped the Pope and knowing full well that I was going to also rip the Pope I braced myself for the prospect that I might be agreeing with Nut Tancredo. I needn't worry. Now if nut would have called out the Pope for much of the massive third world poverty that outdated Catholicism teaching against birth control has brought about in the world I would be the first to say "you know what Mr. Nutcredo you are 100% correct" Instead Nutcredo has a different bitch entire. Nutcredo doesn't give two shits about third world poverty but instead he believes the Pontiff should be throwing holy water and sending all of those little 2nd and 3rd world fuckers sneaking into America straight to hell. Yes instead of calling out The Pope for his part in the mess that the anti-birth control teachings of the Catholic church has created world wide he is calling out the Pope for not stopping, or not telling those people leaving to come to America to stop. I can just see it now The Pope standing on a podium telling his followers..."Keep over populating yourselves into oblivion but DO NOT go to the United States to seek a new life Or you will go to hell.

Here in a nutshell is my problem with The Pope or the idea of a Pope. The man is a man every bit as holy as the kid who made my foot long roasted chicken sandwich down and that Subway last weekend and being elected by others doesn't make him more so. The Bible, if one goes by such things, and one has to assume the Catholic church does, talks against the very idea of a Pope. The Pope is a man. No worse and damn sure no better than any other mortal man. I bet when Italy's soccer team or Notre Dame's football team losses he throws a fit and drops F bombs like the rest of do when our team loses. So getting back to my question what's the difference between Warren Jeffs and The Pope? They're both frauds, But the Pope is a bigger and more dangerous fraud than Warren Jeffs could only hope to be in his wildest dreams.

Confessing my love Univision Style.

Now that I have pissed off my Catholic reader(s) Maybe it's a good time to confess my new Univision crush. (Lord knows these Women aren't catholic) :) First with the news that Jackie Guerrido the weather babe for Premier Impacto and Despierta America is getting married Wednesday.

Jackie Guerrido

It's all good though because I have moved on and have a new Primer Impacto crush...Ilia Calderon

In other Univision News a new telenovela that starts later this month looks promising. it's called Fuego en la Sangre. It stars Elizabeth Alverez and Ninel Conde. That's a reason right there to give it a look. Actually it's at least 4.

Explaining last Weeks Poll Question.

I hate reality TV. The only reality show I have found myself watching was celebrity fit club when the drill Sergeant and Cletus T. Judd almost beat the shit out of Screech. In the past after going through untold channels of Survivor, Big Brother and what ever the fuck else there was I always knew that at least I had one refuge from the madness and it was TV land. Yeah watching Granny wrestle a man in drag isn't award winning TV but by fuck it wasn't that reality bullshit. So what does TV land do? come of with this high school reunion bullshit. Way to go guys! The one channel designed to get us away from reality show bullshit is us reality show bullshit. Fuck you TV land. Like you couldn't fill the time by bringing back Quincy.

Spring Game Tomorrow.

YES! finally it's here. I got my tickets early so I only paid $10. Ticket Express is selling them now for $95 and getting it. Pretty crazy for a scrimmage. Anyway the game is expected to be close to a sell out and the weather is suppose to be just perfect. After a week of see-saw weather here in Nebraska Tomorrow is suppose to be 68 and sunny. If that holds out it will be a first for me. Every time I go to the Spring game it's either 40 and raining or 290. I've gone in 94, 96, 97, 98, 03, and 04 and the only year I remember it being half way decent was 98 when it was in the 60's but the wind blew so hard that it started a sand storm and wind kept blowing in my eyes. No such worries are predicted this year. Maybe it's a sign from above.

Now the Spring game is a scrimmage, at some point they'll run clock, they don't call blitzes, you can't hit the Quarterback, in other words it's meaningless. The only thing that can come out of it that matters is an injury. And given the meaningless nature of the game it's no surprise that the game is often very dull. There are however some reasons to be excited about tomorrow...

1. Coach Pelini's first spring game.
This is first and foremost. Callahan is gone. His act is in NY back with the NFL were he can fuck up the Jets. In fact every two weeks or so i check their website just to make sure. All but two of his partners in crime are gone as well. If you aren't excited about the changes made you either are 1. Not a Nebraska fan 2. one of the BRB Dipshits or 3. an idiot. Actually that is quite redundant.

Fuck You Bill

YES he's still there.

2. Tom Osborne is back as the AD and Steve Pederson is still out. Again much like Callahan I have to check this every few weeks to make sure.

I pissed on 40+ years of tradition

3. A new Voice of the huskers.

Complain all you want to about Greg Sharpe not being the homer the late Lyle Bremser of Kent Pavelka were or about the fact that Sharpe is GASP! a Kansas State graduate, anybody who isn't thrilled to have the quality work of Sharpe instead of the sheer incompetence of that wanna be chipmunk Jim Rose is a damn fool. When Rose was hired in 2002 I told anybody who would listen that they would rue the day they hired that clown. "They said Count give him time he mat surprise you" Well he did! He was far fucking worse that I could have imagined. And amazingly every year he got worse! Well thankfully on the subject of Jim Rose The Count wasn't alone for long. Whether it was the fact that his voice got higher than Theodore's or Simon's when he got excited, had no fucking clue what was going on, knew the nickname to every high school in the state and thought it was cool, thought he was funny and was just fucking stupid or the fact that he said stupid shit like give him backward progress to the... Rose quickly became a state wide joke. Unfortunately his corporate ass kissing meant that despite the fact that he was laughing stock on message boards and radio stations through out the state he kept his job. But after his sugar Daddy Pederson got fired Rose had his infamous "breakdown" And Sharpe, who had done the Nebraska PPV football games and basketball games on TV for years was brought in to replace him late last year and everybody said "that can't be Rose I understand what's going on"

Thank God Rose Is Gone!

Greg Sharpe will serve as the play-by-play announcer for the University of Nebraska football and baseball broadcasts in 2008. Sharpe began his duties on Thursday, Feb. 7.

In addition to his duties as the play-by-play voice of Husker football and baseball, Sharpe also serves as the play-by-play announcer for men’s and women’s basketball on Fox Sports Midwest. He also hosts the football and baseball coaches TV shows, appears on Sports Nightly, and hosts various functions throughout the year. He also serves as an account executive in the sales operation of the Husker Sports Network.

Welcome Greg. I know you will be as much a part of end of the dreaded Pedeyhan era as Pelini and Osborne.

I have not been this excited about Nebraska football since at least 2001. This will be a tough year. I suspect this team will be about 8-5, but if you are a Nebraska fan and you can't excited about the changes. You aren't a Nebraska fan.

The Count Is leaving Town...

Now now don't celebrate too hard. It's only for two days. Next Friday the Contessa and I are making for parts unknown and won't be back until Sunday night. I will say this. There will be no gambling involved and unlike some people who say they are leaving and seemingly are around for more than they were before they "left" I will in fact be gone those two days.

Anything else I can bore you with?

I don't think so.

I'll leave with this just an opinion.

I think the American media is giving John McCain a 20 point advantage.


Whatever :)


Count Istvan


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