Friday, June 20, 2008

Noonan & Margolis releasing private email addresses?

So I found this interesting: one of the bloggers at Blogs for Victory, Chris, is angry and the Matt and Mark for what he claims, that the pair have been giving out his private email address to one of the regulars.

6. Chris | June 20th, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Mark and Matt,

I don’t know what the hell this is about but I’m pretty fucking pissed that you are giving out private emails of commentors here to assholes that want to bother people with their stupidity. Below is a brief back and forth at my SUPPOSEDLY “hidden” email address between myself and some dickhead that thinks he’s funny:

Dickhead: wrote:

In response to your post:
This is a campaign blog, not an independent news source, in case you were claiming bias.


Who are you and why are you emailing me? The comments section of the blog state clearly that e-mail addresses won’t be made public. Therefore, I assume you must have some administrator’s rights to the blog. Either way, I don’t want to hear from you outside of that blog.

E-mails aren’t publicly posted. I’m sure with your stellar personality, you wouldn’t have to worry about being deluged with e-mails just the same. The will be the last correspondence you receive from me. I’m sure you’re busy spreading sunshine.

Mark and Matt: This is completely unacceptable and, as this breach is clearly related to someone with access to administrative rights on your blog, makes you two look like a couple of amateurs who have no understanding of web etiquette nor a respect for the privacy of your readers. Fix it this shit NOW.

If this is true, then it's a low I never expected Noonan and Margolis to take.

Update: it looks like Noonan and/or Margolis have taken down the comments. Figures. Chirs is welcome to come on this blog and tell us his version of what happened. Mark Nooonan and Matt Margolis are welcome to explain their side of the story if they wish to as well.


Anonymous said...

I did. If you are going to post over there use a fake email.

mitchethekid said...

I'm not surprised. I have been following their clog for a few years now and I think I hold the record for being banned. Not because of using profanity or impuning the character of the few regular posters, but because I challenge them with what I say. It seem that they have been sucessful in blocking my ISP because I haven't been able to post for over 30 days now and I have given up trying. B4V is a magnet for extremist mass psychosis. I honestly don't know how those folks function in day to day life. Especially Jeremiah. Not only does he take the cake, he takes the oven as well!

kmg said...

I just left information over at B4V for Chris. is used as the business email for Rooney's Public House in Jupiter FL. It appears to be owned by Patrick Rooney, of the Pittsburgh Steelers Rooney family. I gave Mark and Matt the IP address of Rooney's Public House, so they have enough info to know who did it. Let's see if they do the right thing. Deleting and banning Chris was not the right first step.

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