Thursday, June 5, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts 2.

Well Company is gone. Just a friend who came over to watch the first half with me. Boston is down by 5 at halftime.

Hey Pierce fouled shooting and making a 3 and they actually give him the call. Where is Bennett Salvatore?

Boston's hot in the Second half but the refs are keeping LA close.

Does LA have anybody from The states?

Every time there is a foul on Kobe he acts shocked.

Paul Pierce is hurt. Shit.




He's coming back

Willis Reed Bitch!

3 on Kobe! will they call4?

Garnett fouls a 3pt shooter. :( I guaran-fuck-tee you Boston doesn't get that call.

Boston missing free throws.

Boy LA moans a lot

Garnett is ice cold.

Pierce for 3!

Pierce again!!!!

77-73 Boston after 3 quarters.

How much you want to bet the Clinton's and Obama's were watching this game throwing down some pizza and beer?

This is scary time. Boston's bench is in and So is Kobe.

Foul on Luke (I look like my dad fucked himself) Walton.

Bill Walton is rooting for Boston by the way :)

Terrible shot from ET. They may have to get PP back in the game.

Garnett back in the game.


This was a huge stretch. The lead actually grew. Now we can get Pierce back in the game.

Have to get Paul in the game.

This stretch has been disastrous.

Have to get rebounds

Garnett can't hit a bull in the ass

Let's get this lead up while LA can't make a basket please.

terrible call!!!! should have been a charge on LA instead they gave the foul to Boston and LA gets a 3pt opportunity.

Get Smart looks terrible.

Ray Allen got the make up call.

Then missed a free throw. Damn it!

Shit! You knew they were going to call something there.

Missed it!

Come on Rondo!

Missed the 2nd free throw but it's off LA!


Kobe just begged a call.

KG made them both. Up by 8 with a minute and 1 second left.

Fisher misses the 3!

We've got this one.

Why didn't LA foul?

Can I take another possible 6 games? :) Thank God there is a three day rest after this one.

I should NEVER say anything against Paul Pierce again. Although I know I will :)

98-88 Boston.

Game 1 baby!

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