Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 5

OK I am going to get a quick 18 on on Hotshots and Then it will be about post time.

I want this thing to end tonight., My wife wants this thing to end tonight, our 10 readers who don't give a shit about basketball want this thing to end tonight. It would behoove just about everybody if Boston just ended this thing tonight.

God rest Tim Russert I am sure his family is crushed. But honestly he wasn't worth 72 minutes of coverage let alone 72+ hours that MSNBC is giving him.

Happy Fathers day to all of the Fathers out there. I bet you thought I screwed up and thought it was last week.

Luck Be a Lady Tonight...

My Dad would be thrilled if Boston wins the title tonight. Although he won't know until tomorrow. I don't care where he is he's going to bed at 9. :)

Leon Powe is starting tonight for Perk. Perk is out :( Will we see Scal?

Can we please get game 2 Leon Powe?

I've got Victory's collar.

Scal is dressed.

I like the look tonight. much better than Thursday.

If LA has any nut sack what so ever this will be a very tough game to win.

LA has the white uniforms on tonight. Looking for any change in luck they can get?

Jack Nicholson is talking to Doc Rivers.

Larry King is at the game.

Here we go.

Will Kobe even bother with his teammates?

Oh Lord Dick Bavetta.

Kobe shoots a 3 and scores.

Settle down guys.

Take a timeout. don't waste time.

That's a great sign. Kobe just took a terrible shot. Fisher hurt?

10-2 here we go again.


Rondo has to shoot that.

There you go Rondo. take it hard.

SHIT! Come on Powe!

Three by Kobe!

Fuck! 18-5 LA.

How can you come out like this in this game?

It's going to be all Kobe. If he stays hot we are in trouble

Kobe can't fucking miss

come on PJ you can't miss layups!

We won't come back this time.

How can you fucking come out and play like this tonight?

If there is a plus KG came to play.

2 on Garnett


Boston is not bothering to play defense.

And Missing free throws.

39-22 LA At the end of 1.

Might be a good idea to play some fucking defense.

What the hell happened to the defense?

Pierce starting to take over.

LA put in some stiff called Chris Mihm and Peirce is abusing him.

This is a terrible lineup for LA

What is Phil thinking with this lineup?

Thank you Phil Jackson.

And Boston has some momentum now because Phil decided to put in that hideous line up. You know Kobe will be back in after the time out.

Tony Allen!

Shit 3 on KG. That was really stupid on KG's part.

Gasol missed them both.

Peirce dunk!

Peirce is not going down tonight!

Come on guys!

If Boston wins this tonight it's on Phil.

Don't shoot ET!

Have to go with Rondo and House at the point. ET can't make a basket and he's a liability on defense.

You have to rebound!

T on Euro!

Tony Allen makes a layup then Odom makes a basket and gets fouled

Great defense from Boston.

3 from Ray Ray!

When does Peirce get a rest?

That should be a T on Kobe.

Peirce for 3!!!!

And LA is ahead only 55-52 at half.

It's all right there in front of us.

Good inbounds play for Ray Allen

Tie game! Allen for 3!

Foul on Kobe. We've got'em questioning themselves.

Who touched Kobe there? Bullshit call

There you go KG to the hoop!

Charge on Kobe!

Rondo!!! they only gave him 2.

Shit that 4 on KG? Whew the foul was on PJ Brown.

What the fuck was that call? Travel on KG Dammit!

Peirce hard to the hoop. Every time you go to the hoop good things happen.

Another charge on Kobe? 4 fouls!

Shit. Fisher fouled and makes a miracle shot.

Lead up to 7 that quick. time for a TO. that was poor That was all on Rondo. I think they come back with House.

House and Posey have to step up right now.

Shit ET is in the game until Eddie House stops bleeding.

The refs keep putting Fisher on the line.

Ray Allen keeping us close. No it was ET.

4 on KG

House back in.

Boston just playing awful to end this quarter

LA ahead 79-70 and Boston can't buy a basket.

That was the first 3rd quarter that LA has won in this series.

Odom is hurt

He got hit in his fellas

Odom hits a 3. This is going back to Boston. fuck.

Do you get Paul out now?

5 on KG that was stupid. Oh just out of bounds.

It's time to get the big 3 out.

This should be a T on boyish-bitch

ET just threw in a prayer and got fouled

Dammit KG go strong.

Kobe is getting frustrated

Posey for 3!

Out on LA! do they pucker up?

Does LA tighten up?

No matter how this turns out Perice has been awesome tonight. He has shut my ass up.

KG tie game!

Pau Gasol has been great tonight

5 on KG.

5 on Perice just that quick.


Odom at the line

Makes the first Shit he made them both

Can we get stops?

Great Job KG! Now make these.

Dammit KG!

Missed them both!

Can't fucking rebound

That's game Kobe stole it got it back and dunked it.

Is Boston going to have enough gas to end this Tuesday?


House made a 3.

103-98 LA Final

Does Boston have enough for Tuesday?

Late Edit Why I call Sam Cassell ET


et said...

Don't shoot, ET??

ET can't make a basket??

(Well, honestly, I can't.)

The Count knows I know less than nothing about basketball...


Anonymous said...

Ok The ET referense is too Sam Casell who looks amazingly like ET...

Anonymous said...

I'll post the Picture in the thread.

et said...

Wow - I've never looked so good.

:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

You know The ET I mean :)

et said...

Thanks, Count. I am grinning.

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