Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gameday 2011 Week #1


What to look for:

Pretty simple really. How sharp is Nebraska? If there is a week for crazy shit to happen it's opening week. Michigan State thought to be Nebraska's main rival for the Legends division crown looked dreadful tonight but still managed a 28-6 2win over Youngstown State . I would imagine such a win wouldn't do much to excite Nebraska nor it's fan base. So just winning the game like last years South Dakota State mess isn't enough. It would be nice to see Nebraska get some playing time for it's very young backups at QB and RB tomorrow as well. I don't see how Chattanooga is going to manage to score a whole lot of points off of Nebraska's defense.

The Last 5 years openers for Nebraska
Louisiana Tech 49-10
Nevada 52-10
Western Michigan 47-24
Florida Atlantic 49-3
Western Kentucky 49-10.

I would imagine the score in this one will be similar. I say Nebraska shows opening day rust and spits and sputters at times but still wins by a pretty comfy margin. 45-14.

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