Monday, March 19, 2012

Nothing Brings Out The Trolls Like A Race Issue

Ellen wrote a thread about Fox News ignoring The Trayvon Martin case  and as is usualy the case on Race Issues the trolls are coming out of the woods.

Dan Harmond is upset not that an innocent victim but the fact that the shooter is Hispanic not white...

Dan Harmond commented 1 hour ago · Flag
Ellen, you are but another writer who is trying to propell this sad story into a white-versus-black thing…Get your facts straight people. George (pronounced HORE HAY) Zimmerman (the shooter) is HISPANIC!!! His own father came out and said he’s not white..he’s hispanic. So truman..your question should read what would happen if an angry black man shoots a hispanic teen? …. 
Dan chooses his second post to call long time posters and contributors trolls...

Dan Harmond commented 18 mins ago · Flag
Aria, instead of dragging other news stories into this one why dont you stay focused or else we’d be here all day. Practicing demagoguery to illicit rancorousness hatred is apalling. First of all, Nadir Hasan had several great things said about him by fellow co-workers who never saw it coming. Secondly, not one news organization threatened to “string him up on the spot”. My post on this column is specifically to those who wish to play the race card. Get your facts straight before you play it, cause George Zimmerman is hispanic. Go troll somewhere else Aria

Dan if you're going to show off your vocabulary you might want to learn how to spell those big  fancy worlds.

Bill Richards in a Christian Pro Life Conservative type...

Bill Richards commented 2 hours ago · Flag
blah blah, just another ghetto shooting…sorry it had to take a young boy, but that is what the culture produces. 
Surely Bill couldn't be that much of A Douche-bag right?

Bill Richards commented on Does Hannity Secretly Love Obama? 1 hour ago · Flag
What would a liberal know about Christianity?
….about as much as they know about Critical Race Theory. 
Bill Richards commented on Fox News Attacks Food Stamps: Food Benefits For The Poor Are “Inherently The Problem” 2 hours ago · Flag
News flash…"Every day the bucket a-go to the well, one day the bottom a-go drop out…can’t wait for that… riots, riots, riots

Don’t feed the animals…they will come dependent.

Bill Richards commented on Jon Stewart Shows Some Real Anger During His Latest Take-Down Of Fox News 3 days ago · Flag
Do not think that pointing and laughing are exclusive to you folks. Unlike you folks, I’m not even high. In reality, anyone heard the proverb “Thou does protest too much”… 
Bill Richards commented on Jon Stewart Shows Some Real Anger During His Latest Take-Down Of Fox News 4 days ago · Flag
Everyone is full of anger here…are you liberals sexually frustrated? Out of weed? What is it?
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