Friday, March 30, 2012

"The Worldwide Leader In Sports" takes a huge step backward

Remember a while back when the Count said about LeBron James and "The Decision" on ESPN where this was the point of no return for us all, with "King" James and his overblown ego taking out a one hour special to announce whether or not he's staying with the Cavs? Remember when I said that the Count was wrong, that Justin Bieber releasing a concert movie was the tipping point?

Well, we were both wrong.

Monday was the tipping point, the point of no return for our country.

As you've heard by now, the Broncos have traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, in attempt to steal headlines from last year's Super Bowl champion New York Giants. The Jets actually held a press conference for a back up quarterback on that day - a feat which has never been done before. I thought that would be the worst of it. But ESPN2's co-host of First Take, Tebow-apologist, and all-around obnoxious sports analyst Skip Bayless managed to go one step further: whilst ESPN was covering the Tebow presser, they actually had a split screen of Skip Tweeting his thoughts and reactions to what was going on!!!!!

We've come to it, folks. Forget the current political and social issues of the day, we ain't comin' back from ESPN letting a egotistical loudmouth do the equivalent of pleasuring himself on national television, especially for a QB that is so inconsistent it makes one wonder just how in God's good name is he getting the kind of national coverage he's getting.

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Anonymous said...

It's the Tebow and Lin Sports Network.

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