Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday Thread!

Just like Mardi Gras WE'RE GOING TO SEE BOOBS

All updates, thoughts, jokes, whatever go here...

Late Edit by Jonathan (3:51 PT): the three big primaries up for grabs tonight breaks down like this: In Georgia, Newt Gingrich leads by a huge margin and looks to easily carry his home state. The polls in Ohio and Tennessee suggest that both key races look to be tight. In Ohio, Romney leads by just over 1 percent, 33%-32% according to Real Clear Politics. The same website outlines Tennessee as another tight race, but one that Santorum barely leads, 32% to 29%.

Edit by Jonathan (4:10 PT): CNN and NBC project that Gingrich wins Georgia; no surprises there. Voting in Virgina, Ohio and Vermont closes in less than 20 minutes.

Edit by Jonathan (4:18 PT): NBC projects that Romney will win in Virginia. Ohio is up next.

Edit By The Count (6:31 CT) Romney wins Vermont.

Edit by Jonathan (4:35 PT): Ohio is too close to call. This will be a long one, methinks.

Edit by Jonathan (5:16 PT): Romney wins in MA; again, no surprises there. Tennessee is too early to call.

Edit by  Jonathan (5:38 PT): NBC and CNN project that Santorum wins Tennessee, his first win of the night.

Edit by Jonathan (5:56 PT): Santorum wins Oklahoma. Nothing yet on the night's biggest prize: Ohio.

Edit by Jonathan (6:57 PT): I don't know what weed Newt Gingrich is smoking, but I need to find his dealer, cause that is some powerful shit! Gingrich has to know that he has no shot of winning the nomination, but his gigantic ego won't allow him to bow out. If Gingrich was smart, he'd end his campaign and really stick it to both the Republican establishment and Mitt Romney and pledge his delegates to Santorum. Speaking of, in Ohio, it's still too close to call, but he's leading by 16,000 votes. David Frum said it best over Twitter tonight: "If Romney loses Ohio, CNN decision desk should call the election for Obama right then."

Edit by Jonathan (7:17 PT): CNN projects North Dakota will go for Santorum. and he's going strong in Ohio. He holds on and wins there, and this year's convention in Tampa will turn into one ugly clusterfuck.

Edit From The Count: Correction Jonathan it is actually North Dakota Santorum won.

Edit by Jonathan: Thanks for the correction.

Edit by Jonathan (8:45 PT): Romney now holds a razor-thin lead in Ohio, with 91% of the vote coming in. Don't expect a call tonight.

Edit by Jonathan (9:34 PT): It's over! NBC calls the race in Ohio for Mitt Romney.

Edit  By The Count (11:45 CT) CNN and FNN also calling it for Ohio. All we have left is Alaska.

Edit From The Count (2:28 CT) Romney wins Alaska.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jonathan for your updates.

Jonathan said...

No problem, Count.

Yakki.PsD said...

Romney wins Alaska?

Must be the booby prize,that state.

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