Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow goes to the Big Apple

Here's my idea of the conversation that went on in the Jets' "war room" before today's big signing. Enjoy.
Jets GM: "Gentlemen, our football organization is in crisis: we are coming off a disappointing 8-8 regular season with no postseason appearance. Players are trash-talking each other, and some within the locker room opened up to the media, in confidence, that Mark Sanchez isn't a good clubhouse leader. Oh, and last year's final regular season game vs. Miami was a fiasco. We need to bring in a player; someone who will be a good lock room kind of guy; the type of person who'll be able to contribute to the franchise. More importantly, someone who doesn't bring baggage, or bring anymore attention to our three-ringed circus that is the Jets' locker room. Anyone have any ideas?
Guy who raises hand emphatically: I know! Why don't we hire that mediocre, Jesus-freak QB that lost his job to Peyton Manning yesterday! He's good in the locker room, he'd be an excellent back-up replacement for Sanchez if he goes down, and he's virtually non-controversial!
Jets GM: Brilliant! He's a big-name star, he won't make out franchise look any more ridiculous than it already looks, and he doesn't bring crazy, foaming-at-the-mouth fans!
The only things missing here are the lizard-man, and the bearded lady from the traveling freak show (the circus already has it's fat man).

Edit from The Count

Come on Timmy Slide 'em right in there


Count Istvan said...

In all seriousness the guy could have went to Jacksonville or New York (thank god it's not the Giants) One of those places I think he fits as best as he possibly can one of those places he does not. Take a guess. On the plus side it's now a quick car ride to be there in person At F&F so Gretchen, Steve and Brian C. no longer have to give him a virtual blow jobs now they can give him a literal one.

Jonathan said...

Skip Bayless should beat the three of them to the punch first. In all seriousness: what kind of sense does this make? Where's the logic in picking up a QB when they already have a starter, and one they gave a contract exention to from the beginning?! They're dangling a carrot in front of the Tebow faitful, and when Sanchez begins to faulter, they're going to pressure the front office to give Tebow a start!? This move makes little sense, but to sell jerseys (and again, you have Sanchez and Revis for that).

Count Istvan said...

Brian "K". He meant.

ralph4america said...


MARK 16:18!!!!!!

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