Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Field of 64 Is Set, and A Message to David Cameron

President Obama brings British PM David Cameron to his first NCAA Tournament, and I just want to say, on behalf of all Americans, that we are deeply sorry you had to watch that terrible friggin' game between Mississippi Valley and Western Kentucky. Sure, the boys in red answered back from a 16-point deficit to play Kentucky tomorrow, but how it ended up was horrendous to watch: turnover after turnover, and a breakdown of MV's game plan is what propelled them to win. Prime Minister: don't let one shitty game prejudge what the NCAA Tournament is all about.

And for anyone who cares, here's the President's Bracket:

Having said that, the Field of 64 is set:

#16 Western Kentucky will play #1 Kentucky in the South Bracket and #14 BYU will face #3 Marquette.

#16 Vermont goes up against #1 North Carolina and #13 South Florida does battle vs. #5 Temple.

1 comment:

Yakki.PsD said...

Aww,give wku a break! They're a small school really,and I thought they did pretty good given that. More power to em'.

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