Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Night Football: Chargers vs. Chiefs - The Ultimate Catch-22

Tonight, one of these two coaches will be gone by the end of the week: Will it be Romeo Crennel, the head coach of the Kansas City Cheifs, a team most pundits consider to be the worst in the NFL? Or will San Diego HC Norv Turner's head finally roll? I've been a long-time Chargers fan and I can safely say two things:  1.) That the Monday Night game vs. Denver and last week's road loss to Cleveland are the worst games I have ever seen played by Phillip Rivers and Co. Rivers self-destructed in the second half against Peyton Manning, a non-catch by Robert Meachem and an early fumble by RB Ryan Matthews burned San Diego last Sunday to the dismal Browns, coupled with a weak Offensive Line, a less-than explosive receiving core, and a terrible secondary (with the exception of S Eric Weddle)  have put San Diego in the shit at 3-4. 2.) O hope San Diego wins tonight. I might not care for Turner (hell, I thought it was the height of stupidity for General Manager AJ Smith to fire Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season), but I don't have it in me to root for my home team to lose and have the head coach get bounced out on his ass. Yes, Norv Turner isn't a  head coach in the NFL - he's more of an Offensive Coordinator and he's damn good at what he did with Troy Aikman and the Cowbows offense when they won back-to-back Super Bowl titles in '92 and '93. But I won't cheer for a Chiefs victory, just to spite Norv. On the flip side, should the Chargers win, Norv saves his job for another week and chances are Crennel gets canned, and fans aren't too happy with Romeo either.  Tonight, we'll see who's left standing moving forward.


Anonymous said...

A little bit off topic has anybody ever noticed that Marty always got fired for not winning playoff games yet as soon as they fire him those teams stink?

Anonymous said...

The only time I ever got close to rooting for Nebraska to lose was 2007 but by mid season the writing was so on the wall I did not have to.

Anonymous said...

Good God almighty Joe Friday the Chiefs blow.

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