Sunday, November 11, 2012

The View From My Ass

For about 23 minutes about in the 80's? 90's? 00's? I attended the University of Nebraska Omaha, Or if you prefer UNO or if you are tired of your team being treated like you are Nebraska-Lincoln's little disabled brother just plain Omaha.

I am not a fan of the schools athletics and haven't been since they beat Augustana in football and then decided to bill themselves as "Omaha's" football team a ludicrous motto made even more so by the fact that Omaha loved UNO football so much it stood by and let out a collective yawn when it was announced Omaha's football team was a football team no more. Omaha , are you happy Trev? decided to move it's sports program up to division 1 a move which brought about the death of the football program.

The better competition level coupled with the fact that UNO was moving  into the brand new Ralston Arena was enough reason for me to purchase season tickets to UNO Basketball. My seats are at end of a side but on Row A the front row. The Mascot often makes the rounds in front of us getting high fives and trying to get the crowd going. Kids often come down with their parents to high-five or hug the mascot which I have no issue with. I am on an isle and it can be done with out interfering with the crowd. Friday the crowd was officially 2200 people and using my own judgement I would say that was about right. Tonight they could not have had 500 people in the arena. BUT...

The national anthem was song by kids from an elementary school. They were little, cute and hell Steven Tyler couldn't have sang the national anthem as well as they did in his best dreams. But after they sang they apparently had no adult supervision. If there was any they were no where to be found. Shortly after halftime The began to congregate in row A. section 116. The only other two people in the row with me gave up 3 minutes into the half and left. I waited a few more minutes until the crowd of children got larger and larger, their screams got louder an louder and their behavior got worse and worse. I finally gave up and moved 4 rows. The "security" a 60+ year old man sitting on the floor sat there with his fist up his ass and did not a thing.

Midway through the second half a UNO player directly in front of the congregation of little shitkickers suffered a serious injury and fell to the court but before doing so he kicked the ball Into the stands with his good leg picking up a Technical foul and nearly doing the world a favor as it came with in inches of taking out about 5 kids. Friday I politely cheered on both teams as honestly I didn't care who won but by the second half tonight I was so disgusted with the kids and the lack of adult supervision I was solidly rooting for St. Mary and will root for UNO from here on out.

UNO: Judging by the crowd tonight people aren't beating down doors to see your product and if tonight was any indication of what kind of experience the costumer can expect they won't be anytime soon. Nobody wants to spend good money (UNO tickets are more expensive than UNL Tickets) to watch 10 year old children take a break from accidentally kicking you to run around and scream.

Parents or Adult supervision: Where were you? Don't tell me you were keeping an eye on kids. I was looking around to the other people in the stands and the few that were there were texting on their cellphones the whole damn game. The one time I saw a parent a Mother came down and told her daughter they were leaving with about 7 minutes left to go. The kid said No I am staying until the end. The Mother turned around I shit you not and sat back down. I find it nearly unconscionable in a time when you are forever hearing about kids being abducted, kidnapped, and raped that parents or adult supervisors, (there had to be somebody from the school right?) Would allow the children to run around at a public event unsupervised .But hey if you had watch your kids then you couldn't bullshit with your friends over beers and text your buddies right? Just because they're your kids doesn't mean they have to ruin your enjoyment of the game. Let them ruin somebody elses.

Oh as for the game? St. Mary 96 UNO, Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha 86. Kinda sweet Justice don't ya think?



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