Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night In 'Merica

Barack "Hussein" Obama


Willard "Mitt" Romney

All thoughts on the election go here. 

The Count 5:31 CT PM
Oh Nos! Romney has only written a victory speech.

The Count 5:39 CT PM
I am going with MSNBC tonight. as much as Madow can get on my nerves with her concern
trolling. Lords knows she's better than either Fox or Fox light.

The Count: 6:04  PM CT: Romney wins Indiana and Kentucky and Obama wins Vermont. 19-3 Romney. 

The Count 7:45 PM CT. Linda McMahon once again learns that you can not buy a political office. Still in love with her daughter but she has wasted millions. Oh well. 

The Count: 6:36 PM CT.  West Virginia and South Carolina go Romney 33-3 Romney. 

WE WENT OVER 100,000 PAGE VIEWS! Yeah Yeah I know in 6 years that is awful. :) but congratulations us!

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