Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gameday The Spring Game and final 4 Edition


When it comes to pointlessness and fruitlessness trying to pick the winner of a college spring game has to rank somewhere alongside arguing logic with Donald Trump. It's a scrimmage. the 15th one of the spring  to be exact. And according to the coaches not as important as the other 14. So why do that people like the Count  pay $10 to go and watch? We have nothing better  to do and when else can you go experience something close to a real Nebraska football environment  for $10? The stars play a few series and give way to the backups and youngsters who are trying to show that they can handle the spotlight of playing in front of a crowd that while way short of a sellout still numbers 60,000+. Freshmen and sophomores pile up big plays and get everybody talking about how they are the next sure  fire can't miss big thing even though they are playing against defenses consisting of walkons, Graduate Assistants and Sorority Pledges. We faithfully watch and we file every byte of information  our eyes collect in April so in October when a player seems to be not pulling his weight we can second guess the coaches for not playing  that guy that tore up the 8th string in the spring game.

Other than creating false controversy and causing fans to ridiculously over-react  this game does serve one  other purpose as I have said  many times. The family with 3 or 4 kids who can't afford 5 or 6 tickets at $60 or  $70 a pop can  pay that much and take in an atmosphere that is actually pretty close to the real deal. When Bo Pelini took over he changed the format of the Spring game to try and make the game more competitive. Still the Red's seem to always find away to win. This combined with the fact that the red roster looks a little stronger is why I am once again going with the Reds.

The game last year was a weather casualty. In 2011 I thought it would be a low scoring game and Red won 32-29. This year I think it should be a higher scoring game as the offense appears to be a head of the defense so it will probably be 10-7...

The Count's Krystal Bawl
Red 38
White  24

Also the final 4 is Today! A great sports day! All thoughts on the Basketball games go in this thread.

Final Score

   32 25

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