Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gameday Week 1


What To Look For:

Who is the Quarterback?
At 6:10 tonight or when ever Nebraska gets the ball first who will line up behind center? Assuming as most now are that it's redshirt Freshman Taylor Martinez there is a good side and a bad side to playing this type of opponent. The good side is most people believe that Nebraska could start Ralph and still win in a rout assuming he didn't implode. The bad side is say Martinez starts and he's as good as advertised, is it because he's good or because Western Kentucky really sucks? Remember both Cody Green and Zac Lee looked like stars against Florida Atlantic and Louisiana Lafayette. Who ever get's the start tonight should be fine tonight...that doesn't mean he'll be fine in two weeks at Washington.

Do we still have Linebackers?
This week Will Compton got hurt and will be out at least several weeks. This is the second linebacker Nebraska lost for significant time this summer. Nebraska plays 2 linebackers most of the time anyway so the good news is they do not need as much depth at the position still this has grown into a concern.

How Long Is This Game Close?
1993 North Texas came to town for an opener and lost 76-14. In 2005 Maine came to town for an opener and trailed only 15-7 late in the fourth quarter before Nebraska scored 10 points to win 25-7. Strange things can and have happened on opening day. Appalachian State anybody? If Nebraska truly is a top team this season that can't happen here. This game HAS to be over at halftime and well on it's way to being over by the end of the first quarter. Anything less than say 28-7 at half and 38-7 (even that would make me a little uneasy) is cause for concern. Nebraska is just too good for this to be a close game. If they aren't and it is God help us.

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