Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New Big 10 Divisions

The New Big ten Divisions have been named starting in 2011.

The First Division
Michigan State

The Second Division
Ohio State
Penn State

The divisions have not been named yet.

Nebraska has to play Penn State every year from the other division. Nebraska's 2011 and 2012 conference schedules. They are brutal...

The 2011 slate:

10/1 at Wisconsin

10/8 Ohio State

10/15 Bye

10/22 at Minnesota

10/29 Michigan State

11/5 Northwestern

11/12 at Penn State

11/19 at Michigan

11/26 Iowa

And 2012:

9/29 Wisconsin

10/6 at Ohio State

10/13 Bye

10/20 at Northwestern

10/27 Michigan

11/3 at Michigan State

11/10 Penn State

11/17 Minnesota

11/24 at Iowa

Late Edit:

I admit that when the schedules of some of the Big 10's lesser lights in the other division rolled by like Indiana and Illinois and there was no mention of Nebraska I had pieced together that Nebraska was not going to be welcomed into the Big 10 with the easiest schedules. Eve still when they began to unveil Nebraska's 2011 inaugural conference schedule and the first two teams were @Wisconsin and Ohio State my first reaction was OH SHIT! Throw in those two teams along with the fact that Nebraska has to play Iowa, Penn State and Michigan every year and you have what could be called the Big 10's version of the paddling of the swollen ass. Still you won't find me complaining nor should you find any Nebraska fan complaining.

Imagine If we had treated Texas like this when they merged with the Big 8. Maybe we'd still be in that conference next year. I'd rather Ohio State, Michigan and the rest say earn it kid than have the 11 established schools bend over and smile while they get fucked in the ass like say...the Big 8 did. Some have complained that Ohio State and Michigan run the league... Hell shouldn't they? Haven't they earned that right? Wasn't this why we left the Big Texas league? Because the two most established programs in the Big 8 with more tradition than the new guy were being ignored while the new guy set the rules? Of course we didn't know at the time one of those teams Oklahoma was already sleeping with the new guy all the while pretending to be his mortal enemy though we should have. The truth is just like the Big 8 the Big Ten has survived because Ohio State and Michigan carried 8 other often less than great teams. So yes Nebraska is facing a tough, tough schedule in it's first two years of Big 10 play. Not only am I Ok with it I think that's they way it should be. And if we truly get back to being Nebraska we should not sweat playing anybody anywhere. Hopefully the days of Nebraska fearing their opponents no matter who they might be is over. Shortly after the divisions and schedules were unveiled for the new Big 10 Hard Knocks came on HBO and Bill Callahan is still dropping F-bombs as the New York Jets Line coach. Yet one more reason to not fear the tough conference schedule if you're a Nebraska fan.

Also every 2 years the schedules flip just as they do in the Big 12. That means in 2013 2 of the cross over opponents Nebraska will face will come from Illinois, Purdue or Indiana. Illinois pops up about every 5 years with a solid team and then goes away, Purdue was a consistently solid if never great team under Joe Tiller but has fallen back in recent years, Indiana has been the worst team in the Big 10 the last 20 years.

Thoughts on the new divisions:

I think they are fairly balanced for the most part. Michigan, Nebraska and Iowa as a whole maybe a little weaker than Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin especially since Michigan currently sucks BUT Michigan State, Minnesota and Northwestern is a tougher bottom 3 than Illinois, Indiana and Purdue. Michigan won't stay down forever though they may soon be going through a coaching change. Iowa is really good now but has never been a consistent winner. In fact last year they won their first major bowl in 50 years. Considering their lack of football tradition can somebody tell me why their fans are so fucking mouthy? Northwestern and Michigan State have fielded solid teams in the last 15 years while Minnesota has lagged behind. However moving out of the dilapidated HHH Metrodump into a very nice new stadium can only help.

In the other division Ohio State looks set to rule for a good long while. Like all programs they can have a temporary fall from grace but they don't appear to be headed for another for a good long while. Penn State on the other hand is not on as solid ground if only because they have an 83 year old coach who has a problem with shitting himself. Joe Pa. Is not looking good nor does he sound good. They do have a great recruiting base and most everybody expects his Son will be handed the job sooner or later. Wisconsin is a little bit like Iowa in the fact that they have won recently but have never done so on a consistent bases. In fact before Nebraska's own Barry Alvarez got to Madison they were down right dreadful. They are again on the uptick winning 10 games last year and give this division a very strong 3rd team. Purdue was a solid if rarely spectacular team under Joe Tiller but has fallen on harder times as of late. Illinois comes out of nowhere to win 9 or 10 games every 5 years or so then is never heard from again for another 5 years. As a recruiter Ron Zook is one of the best as a coach Ron Zook is Not one of the best and that is being kind. Indiana quite frankly has sucked pretty much since I can remember sans 5 or 6 years in late 80's early 90's when Bill Mallory roamed the sideline. Well Lee Corso took them to a bowl once as well since then Lee has done better than Indiana. What does that tell you?


Jonathan said...

How do you feel about the Cornhuskers this year, Count?

Anonymous said...

I feel very good about them. I think their offense will be better and there defense won't drop off much. This team should win 11+ games.

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