Friday, September 24, 2010

Washington Game Grades And Thoughts

I have to point out before I rip him just a little that by most all accounts Jake Locker is a first rate human being he just isn't anywhere near the quarterback he is cracked up to be by the experts who insist he is a first round NFL guy. For all of the hype Jake Locker comes off as the modern day Tommy Hodson a whole lot of hype and very few results. Saturday against Nebraska Locker was 4 for 20 for 71 yards and 2 interceptions. More than half of his 75 yards came on 1 busted coverage that lead to a 45 yard touchdown pass. Needless to say Jake Locker is no longer thought of as the #1 pick in the up coming NFL draft.

Nebraska's easy 56-21 was something else other than a probable multi-million dollar pay cut for Jake Locker. It was the first game that Nebraska played a team that on Friday night they would be lucky to beat and on Saturday night wasn't any damn good. No I am not talking about the National dopes like CBS' Dennis Dudd who pick against Nebraska every chance they get then hope and pray Nebraska loses. Nor am I talking about the brainless toothless fuckers who live southeast of Rulo who are just praying that somebody else will do their dirty work for them because they know full well they aren't capable of doing the job themselves. I am talking about Nebraska fans, or supposed Nebraska fans, the ones who post on message boards the Nebraska isn't good enough to beat _______________ and after Nebraska beats ________________ _______________________ wasn't any damn good in the first place. Every board has them and some boards like the GI Independent message board are populated by almost anything but such fans. There was one poster on GI whom I am pretty sure picked Nebraska lose to every game, at the very least the last 6 or 7 games, and every game when Nebraska won he would be on the board that night bitching about how bad Nebraska played, how the team they just beat wasn't any good and how they would lose the next game.

That Washington went from being just a 3 pt dog, a hot upset pick and a tough test for Nebraska on Friday to a lousy bottom 30 never any damn good in the first place team on Staurday in the national media didn't bother me. Hell I expected it. That they did so on Nebraska message boards where supposed Nebraska fans post is the reason I don't do Nebraska message boards any longer.

Offense: A. Ok there was that Cody Green Fumble and 2 or 3 series in the 1st and 2nd Quarter after Nebraska got up 14-0 that weren't crisp but honestly could Nebraska's offense have played any better? 56 points, 3 plays over 50 yards, 3 players over a hundred yards rushing! Oh yeah and I would say Taylor Martinez wasn't rattled even in the stadium where crowed noise was invented and Jesus Christ once peed himself with fear. Other than Martinez, Burkhead and Helu, Brandon Kinnie had a huge game catching passes and returning kicks. And anytime you have 3 one hundred yard rushers you have to call out the offensive line for the great job they did as well. Oh and no fumbles from Niles Paul.

Defense: A- The Rush defense is still something of an issue and Washington may have stayed in the game longer had they not insisted on throwing the ball. Their 80 yard drive to cut the lead to 14-7 in the first half was all on the ground. Washington's other TD drive was a 2 play drive where line backers lost contain on Locker and the secondary busted a coverage. Other than those two drives Washington did jack shit. You can't put Washington's second touchdown on the defense because Washington recovered a fumble on the Nebraska 6 yard line. Nebraska's secondary is wicked bad it's front 7, especially the line-backers, will come along in time. This is the makings of another wicked defense.

Special Teams: A. Some good kick returns, great kick coverage, Alex Henery punted the ball extremely well. Nothing to really say here except great job all the way around. Kinnie's kick off return after Washington made it 21-14 that got the ball out to the 50 and started Nebraska on gthe drive that pretty much ended the game was huge. Niles Paul had some questionable returns but he never fumbled! Great job all the way around.

Overall A: This is how it used to be pretty much every week. Home or away facing an opponent that thought they were going to win and held on tight to that belief for about 4 plays. Then the reality of an upcoming defeat would be too strong to for that opponent to fight against and by the middle of the third quarter the only question left was how bad is this thing going to end up? This was not Western Kentucky Nebraska decimated Saturday just a team made to look like Western Kentucky. In an environment that was supposedly too hostile for an opposing Freshman QB to handle. This is no longer a Nebraska team that thinks it's going to win as it was for much of the Frank Solich era and it's not a Nebraska team that hopes it is going to win as it was for the Bill Callahan era. This is a Nebraska that KNOWS it is going to win as it was for the last 5 years of the Tom Osborne era. This team isn't there just yet but the finish line is in sight.

Around The Big 12.

Southern Miss 31 Kansas 16. Well we were wondering which of the loss to ND state or the win over Georgia Tech was more of a fluke and right now you would have to say the win over Georgia Tech.

Kansas State 27 Iowa State 20. Kansas State's running game would give Nebraska fits if they could throw the ball a lick.

Colorado 31 Hawaii 13. Halftime Hawaii 10 Colorado nothing. a 31 to 3 second half and a near 7 million dollar buy out to bolt the Big 12 later and Dan Hawkins may NOT be good as gone after all.

Oklahoma 27 Air Force 24. Ok first of all Air Force is pretty damn good but this bi-polar shit the Sooners have been pulling for the last two years has to have University of Texas at Norman fans just a little bit worried,

TCU 45 Baylor 10. Same old sorry assed Baylor however TCU is really really REALLY good.

Missouri 27 San Diego State 24. It took a last minute miracle before the Clampetts could throw their last minute victory hoedown. It would seem another miracle magic carpet ride to the Cotton Bowl may be out of the question again.

Oklahoma State 65 Tulsa 28. Give OSU credit for only giving up 7 points until they got their scrubs in to the game. That more than the 65 points they scored themselves is more impressive.

Texas A&M 27 Florida International 20. No Big 12 team should ever need 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter to beat FIU. EVER!

Texas 24 Texas Tech 14. What Texas doesn't have in offense they seem to make up for in defense. However they will need much better offensive play or lots of help from the zebras if they are going to defend their crown.

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