Monday, September 13, 2010

Hamburger, Football, Shrimp and Bobby Darin Or How The Count Spent His Birthday

I don't really celebrate birthdays. I acknowledge them, I enjoy them I don't pretend they don't exist but as for something like say a birthday party? Don't remember the last one I had. I've had people over but nothing you could call a party. Birthday #36 was no exception. I can say this for the first time maybe ever this week I was actually sick of Hamburger. If you are a member of PETA or a vegetarian you may want to skip this next paragraph.

On Tuesday I went to see my Nephew's football game. He plays for his schools Freshman B team. His team won 2-0. Game of the century. Afterwords we went to Culvers to eat (Hamburgers) On Wednesday a friend took me to lunch to King Kongs (Hamburgers) On Thursday another friend took me to lunch Louie M's Burger Lust. Now by then I was sick of hamburgers but i'll be damned if I turn down Louie M's. Those hamburgers are nearly in a class by themselves. You wonder how I built this physique? After eating at Louie's we went to Council Bluffs to Kainsville Kollectables which is the greatest used record shop on the planet. It's about the only thing Iowa is good for. I can't imagine how awesome the place would be if they actually organized it. I had not been in the store on years and almost all of the treasures I have bought over the years have been boxed up by the Contessa. So thursday I took the opportunity to purchase a few new used treasures. Who could pass up a copy of Bobby Darin's Venice Blue for $5? Actually it surprised me to find a used copy of Venice Blue since nobody bought the album when it was new. Actually even though like most Darin albums in the mid 60's it's a good album even if nobody noticed. Anyway back to My birthday...

Friday was my Birthday. I got to pick the restaurant and having had enough Hamburgers I chose to go eat shrimp. Then I went to Omaha Cigar and bought me 5 covered in Cognac. Went home sat outside in my backyard so I could hear the noise coming in from the PA system from the high school game being played down the street (I love that sound) and smoked a cigar. Then I watched the Marshall and West Virginia game and that was pretty much my Birthday or at least all I am gonna tell. Other than the handful of Records I bought myself at Kainsville and the side of beef I ate all week I got some nice gifts. The 1992, 1993 and 1996 Nebraska football season on DVD, Some cigars as always and a Flo TV. Nothing like a gift that the recipient has to pay $15 a month to use huh? Pretty funny I have made a vow to never own a cell phone yet I pretty much get every other useless gadget. Actually I like the thing. It's bigger than the pocket sized one and you can use it as a DVD player and I have already gotten some use out of it. Saturday I had to go to my friends 2 year olds birthday party and I used the Flo to watch TV in the car on the way there. When we got home I went out back again toked up and watched Penn State-Alabama on my deck. 2010 when a man can smoke cigar and watch college football all in the comfort of his backyard what an age we live in.

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