Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday NFL and Open Thread

NFL Talk or anything you want.

Watching Chicago and Detroit. Bears just stopped on the goal line. Couldn't go 1 yard in 4 plays. Mike Martz is a dipshit.

Wow the Bears win in part on what has to be the dumbest fucking rule in the book. If you cross the goal-line with the ball it is a fucking touchdown. Of course Detroit following up with 2 throws into the endzone with out trying to pick up a first down didn't help.


Anonymous said...

Same old sorry ass Cowboys

Jonathan said...

Ain't that the ugly truth.
I may be a full-time Charger fan, but I am a part-time shipper of Dallas.

What killed me watching that game was how Romo couldn't finish some of those promising drives. That, and stupid penalties.

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