Saturday, September 11, 2010

Game Week #2


Unlike last week where there wasn't anyway that it was going to be a competitive game Idaho at least brings in an offense that can give Nebraska fits especially if Nebraska's defense doesn't make a huge jump from week 1 to week 2.

What to look for:

Can Idaho run the ball? I think they can throw it and I think they'll score some points If Idaho can't exploit Nebraska's shaky linebacking core with at least something of a ground game they will not only lose but lose worse than most people expect. However if they can run the ball at least somewhat to go along with their passing game this game could be close far too long for Nebraska fan's liking.

Can Idaho handle the atmosphere? Last week Western Kentucky talked a good game about not being spooked about playing in Lincoln because they had played in Tennessee after the game was over they talked about how much the atmosphere bothered them. Boise is a tough place to play but it's about 55,000 seats smaller than memorial stadium. Idaho wouldn't be the first team to shit down it's drawers. At on the same subject what of Nate Enderle the North Platte Nebraska native who is coming home and looking to lead his team to a huge upset? Does he play the game of his life or does he press?

How focused will Nebraska be? Washington a real opponent is next week and Nebraska's heads could be elsewhere. This is not a bad Idaho team. It's certainly good enough to make things uncomfortable for an unfocused Nebraska team. Put it this way they are probably as good as Iowa State was last year.

What will happen?

Look for this game to be close for a half. Idaho is not bad but Nebraska is better. Idaho will score some points but Nebraska will score many more. I'll say it again this is a pretty good Idaho bunch.

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