Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Two Thoughts in the NFL

Some thoughts from week two:

* The Old Gunslinger has dropped two in a row to start the season. In two games, he's thrown 4 int's and his QB rating is 56.1. But an aging, primadonna QB is the least of their problems: the Vikings are probably regretting that they didn't make any significant additions in the offseason, and Sidney Rice, their star WR, is still nursing an injury he suffered in Week 1. Up next is the Detroit Lions, who are tougher and better than their record of 0-2 suggests, and if they drop that one, they'll be making an offer for Chargers WR/dumbass Vincent Jackson hours after the Vikings return home...

* As expected, my San Diego Chargers bounced back from an ugly 21-14 loss on Monday Night and pounded David Garrard and the Jaguars 38-14. Rivers was his usuall awesome self, going 22-29 passing and throwing it for 334 yds and 3 TD's, but the two big stories were the Chargers D attacking the QB left and right all game, forcing 4 picks, including 2 picks and a forced fumble by Anton Cason, the CB taking Antonio Cromarte's starting spot after he was dealt to the Jets. the other big story was rookie RB Ryan Matthews being carted off the field and did not return.

* Dallas...what the fuck? It's one thing to lose to the division rival 'Skins. But to lose your home opener to whiny bitch Jay Cutler!? Inexcusable. Romo, dude: 1 TD, 2 INT's? You're a better (much better) QB than Cutler, and yet, she showed you up by completing 21 of 29 passes and throwing for 277 yds, 0 INT's. You can't play that way against the Texans and expect to win.

* The Chiefs, Dolphins, and Buccaneers are all 2-0. Of the three teams, I see only Miami doing something special. Sure they're in a division with New England and the New York Jets, but have a capable QB in Chad Penne and a dominant WR in Brandon Marshall. The Bucs won't be able to hang with New Orleans, and Atlanta, and Kansas City, a surprising team as they have showed these last two weeks, don't have the experience to win tough games in Novemember and December, like the Chargers do.

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Anonymous said...

It turned out not to matter but I didn't think the two point conversion by SF was good.

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