Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Favorite Coaching Rumor...Ever

It's no secret that Dan Hawkins is on his last legs in Boulder. Hell most of us thought he would be let go before they played Nebraska last year. But they decided to keep him for another year (most people believe they just couldn't scrape the coin up to can his ass) Not saying Hawkins isn't a popular man in Colorado but Sarah Palin is more popular amongst the 4 regular readers of this blog than Hawkins is in Colorado. After last weeks 52-7 debacle in California it would seem that Hawkins might do well to finish the year and many in Boulder don't believe he will. The popular rumor is that Hawkins will be fired soon and replaced with...

That's right one time CU savior and full time chauvinist and Fundy nut Bill McCartney. Now to be fair as a football coach Bill has done something few have done before him and nobody has done after him, won consistently at Colorado. You can say a lot of things about the man and I have but you can't deny he's a damn good football coach. However 16 years ago Bill decided he could serve the Lord better by going around the country and telling men to keep the little woman at home and take charge in your life. Now Bill is 70 and whether or not he's willing to give up his little gig as the head man of "Promise Keepers" and come back in to coaching is doubtful. Besides Bill's daughter is in her 40's now and is probably no longer desirable enough to be used as an MVP trophy for the Team.

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