Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big 12 Picks Week 1.

It's a written fact as old as the Bible itself, in fact it my very well be written in the bible College football is the greatest game in the world and there is no better week than opening week of the college football season. However as with all opening weeks in college football there are many games that feature teams expected to be very good opening against teams who are there to collect a paycheck and go away quietly. These games are often boring, seem to take forever and are often pointless. I call these "Bob Peters" games.

"Planet" Bob Peters. I wonder who the guy with his arms around him is. Hmm.

Thursday September 2nd.
Northern Illinois Vs Iowa State.
This is actually one of the easier games on Iowa State's brutal schedule and it is by no means a sure win. Going with the home team in a close game. Iowa State 27 Northern Illinois 21

Saturday September 4th.
Western Kentucky At Nebraska
Western Kentucky has lost 20 games in a row...oh and they have a George W. Bush appreciation club...This going to get real fucking ugly real fucking fast. This is a classic Bob Peters game. Nebraska 56 Western Kentucky 7

Missouri Vs Illinois.
Illinois is one of the worst coached teams in college football. They are coached so bad they make Missouri look well coached. There's going to be a lot of happy toothless grins Saturday Missouri 38 Illinois 17

Colorado Vs Colorado State
Colorado State is to Colorado what Colorado is to Nebraska a pain in the ass. Man for man this should not be a close game but it will be unless the Colorado players really wants to make sure they get Dan Hawkins canned. Lose to Colorado State again and Hawk can start getting that Resume updated and making a call to his Real Estate agent wouldn't be a mistake either. Colorado 28 Colorado State 21

UCLA at Kansas State.
This is the one game I honestly don't know or think I know how it's going to go. I asked my 8 year old nephew who is never wrong and he didn't know. Going with UCLA in a close one. UCLA 21 Kansas State 20

Texas at Rice.
Texas needs to be fucked with Glenn Beck's penis that being said this is a chance to make an another in state team look bad and impress the recruits in Houston another Bob Peters special. Texas 55 Rice 9

Washington State At Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State is rebuilding and may have their worst team in years, Washington State really... really...really sucks. Oklahoma State 27 Washington State 3

North Dakota State Vs Kansas
Ok Prediction the winning coach of this game will be a former Nebraska player. Of course Craig Bohl and Turner Gill are both former Nebraska players. Gill has a big rebuilding project at Kansas and is trying to change the culture from the loud abrasive Mark Mangino. This is a fairly easy way to start. Things get tougher in a hurry though. Kansas 34 North Dakota State 14

Utah State at Oklahoma
There are a lot things you can call Oklahoma, Texas' bitch, the University of Texas At Norman, Oklahoma etc you can also call them about 6 or 7 touchdowns better than Utah State. Oklahoma 52 Utah State 10.

Baylor At Sam Houston State
OK Baylor if you get ahead by 35 get Robert Griffin out of the game. And if you don't get ahead by 35 expect yet another long long year. Baylor 47 Sam Houston State 19

Stephen F. Austin Vs Texas A&M
Another Bob Peters special. Makes you wonder if James T. Waco or Ernest M. Lubbock already had games this weekend. Texas A&M 57 Stephen F. Austin 16

Sunday September 5th
SMU At Texas Tech
Many people believe that new Texas Coach Tommy Tuberville is an upgrade over Pirate Gober Leach. Tech won't be as flashy as they were before but will actually put some time in working on defense. SMU is very well coached by June Jones and is on their way up. Two teams passing each other? Texas Tech is still the better team. Texas Tech 42 SMU 24

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