Friday, September 24, 2010

Big 12 Picks

10-0 Last Week 30-4 On the Year

South Dakota State at Nebraska.
This is a Bob Peters Special. It's gonna get ugly quickly. On the bright side most South Dakota fans are also Nebraska so one of their teams is going to win big. Nebraska 63 South Dakota State 7

Central Florida At Kansas State. Kansas State wins with their running game though if somehow CFU can make KSU pass...Kansas State 34 Central Florida 17

Miami of Ohio At Missouri. Missouri has looked bad against D1 competition if this game is close than Jed, Jethro, Ellie May and AJ may have something to worry about. Missouri 38 Miami 12

UCLA at Texas. UCLA isn't as good as their win over Houston last weekend. Texas has offense troubles but wins this Texas 31 UCLA 9

Oklahoma at Cincinnati. It Oklahoma's week to play well. Plus Cincy isn't very good. OU 41 Cincinnati 14

New Mexico State At Kansas. Kansas has lost to worst but they'll win this. Kansas 27 New Mexico State 13

Baylor At Rice. This could be a tough game for Baylor but I think they are the better team. Baylor 38 Rice 28

Northern Iowa At Iowa State. Another game that is tougher to pick than it might appear at first blush. NIU is pretty good and they usually beat Iowa State. Going with Iowa State Iowa State 21 Northern Iowa 17

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