Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Fundie Frivolity

Here we deconstruct today's recent burst of lunacy over at FSTDT. Are you seated comfortably, Gentle Reader? Then let's begin.

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I look at everything from a Biblical standpoint, so to me the only way to have a successful government is to let God control it.
Yes, right. Of course. Because God is all about the hands-on operation of secular human institutions. (Don't you find it fascinating how quickly this line of thinking trumps the "Render unto Caesar...render unto God" passage with these folks?)
That is how this country was founded
Er...not so much....
and I believe why it was the greatest nation in the world.
At the time, actually, it was a fledgling experiment. Honest pride can be a positive thing, but you don't want to go overboard right out of the gate. Humility is supposedly a Biblical value, too, is it not?
Moses and Aaron were the first judges.
Perhaps you should make the acquaintance of this guy named Hammurabi?
God told them how to set up the justice system and He made all of the rules. It was about justice and fairness for all.
Tell that to Abraham and Isaac, when God supposedly tested Abraham by ordering his own son's sacrifice. Justice and fairness for all? I think not. Capriciousness and a penchant for violence and vengeance, more like.
God was always been in charge of the government and He still could be if we let him.
So how do you propose that should play out? Instead of elected officials we fill the Congress, Supreme Court and Executive Branch with a gaggle of ministers all waiting and praying for a sign? Come ON. This isn't a ragtaggle tribe of primitives wandering in the desert with a flock of goats. This is the 21st century. And you want to turn over the government to your Imaginary Sky Being. Good luck with that when you want the potholes repaired, the budget balanced or sane policy enacted.

That said, the Presidential debates would be a hoot.
It's not about religion, it's about obeying our creator.
In other words, it's about religion.
If we go against Him, we don't stand a chance.
To be blunt, Jodie, with this whacked-out world-view, I'm not so sure you stand a chance under any circumstances.
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If you want to entertain even more fun, check out her post appearing on FSTDT immediately after this one. Double the bizarro!


the roachman said...

Moses bieng Jewish means I can extrapolate that this fundie is also Jewish? Just asking.

I'm sure this pure christian is anti shira law but pro old testement law. As stated by said fundie.

Jodie bieng a girls name I am going to assume since she is a girl that she has given up all here rights as a woman and thus I am sure her husban let her speak?

If not as a male it is my christian right and duty to tell her to shut up. Its a Christian thing and heck its almost Constitutional too. The USA founders were not into woman's equality after all.

Anonymous said...

God was always been in charge of the government and He still could be if we let him.

I think these people think God is an American.

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